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Your Mommy keeps catching you staring at her when she’s in the bathroom, when she’s having a pee or in the shower. You are fascinated by her womanly body and it makes you feel funny when you look at her naked. She’s not annoyed but shoos you away a few times, until one day she calls you in the bathroom and soothingly says she understands you are probably curious about Mommys body and understands why you like to stare at her as you are at that age. She asks you if you want to see her and you nod in agreement feeling a bit nervous, she coaxes you in saying don’t be scared and its totally natural. You watch her up close and she tells you the different bits of the vagina, it looks incredible. When she has finished up she sends you on your way and you cant stop thinking about what you have seen, You have a growing ache and swelling in your shorts and you are not sure what’s going on, you are embarrassed but go and tell your mom about the ache. She is very understanding and tells you she knows exactly what it is and Mommy will make the ache and swelling go away. She lays you down and takes your shorts off, and says a special Mommy massage will make you feel so much better and starts stroking your penis. She explains to you the ache is caused by a build up in your balls that needs to be released, you are a bit shy but she makes you feel comfortable and tells you to relax you are going to feel it build and build until something called ejaculation will happen and to shoot all your semen in Moms pretty mouth. The feeling gets stronger and stronger and all of a sudden you feel the most amazing feeling and Mom gets all this white stuff in her mouth which she shows you, wow this is crazy and amazing. Mommy knew exactly what to do, you cant wait to feel achy and swollen again

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