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stepMom walks in to find you and your two friends jerking off together. She’s surprised at first but then giggles as all of you quickly try to cover up. stepMom can tell you’re embarrassed but says you should of locked the door. She lingers in the room – even though you try to get her to leave. stepMom’s very familiar with one of your friends from previous adventures, but she’s never met your other friend who is quite shy. stepMom assures him everything’s okay. She won’t tell anyone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. She asks him if this was his first experience with other boys and he admits this is his first time being naked around anyone.

stepMom says the three of you should quit trying to cover up already. She can see your cocks are still erect so might as well continue jerking off. Stepmom gets naked too as she encourages you and your friends. She can tell your shy friend is taking interest in your cock. She asks him if he’s ever thought about another boy’s cock before…or fantasized about it in his mouth. She teases you guys about cock as she notices you starting to cum. She tells your friends to watch as you cum. Step-Mom becomes more and more aroused. She loves watching boys play naughty with each other especially when she’s encouraging it.

Everyone cums but stepMom knows you’ll all be hard again almost immediately. She loves that about you boys. She asks if your shy friend wants to experiment more – like having you suck on his cock. She watches and is unable to hold back her excitement. She looks at your other friend, bends over and tells him to fuck her. Now she asks if your shy friend wants to try YOUR cock, which he does. stepMom keeps getting fucked by your other friend, then looks back and tells him to cum in her when he’s ready – which happens almost instantly.

Now stepMom asks if your shy friend wants to have sex with HER. He inserts himself into her as she turns to you saying, “You’re next and you can show your friends how you make stepMommy cum.” stepMom again tells your shy friend to cum inside her whenever he’s ready. Just let it go. He doesn’t last long and quickly shoots his load, all to your stepMother’s satisfaction. stepMom moves onto her back and tells you to hurry up and fuck her – she really needs to cum. She tells your friends to watch as you slip inside her. Now her dirtier side comes out with the comfort of your cock. stepMom rubs her clit as you and her mutually cum together.

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