Natalie Wonder – You’ll Always Remember That First Time Between stepMom’s Sweet Ass Cheeks HD 720p

What’s “ew” sweetie? What are you watching on your phone? Omg, how do you stumble across these sites? Yes, his mouth is on her ass. Some people like that. No, it’s not gross but I can understand why you’d think it was gross. I’ve done it. Lots of times. You’ll try it to some day. You’ll find a girl who you’ll share this very intimate act. You won’t be grossed out, I promise. You’ll totally be turned on. I always catch you staring at MY butt so you’re already attracted to nice asses.

One day, you’ll dive in even DEEPER to ass-land. Haha I’m your stepmom, I’m supposed to be corny. So…wanna try it? With me. It smells and tastes amazing I’ve been told. Anyone who’s been in my ass has complimented on how delicious it is. Yes? Mmmm I’m proud of you. Trying something new. You’re my stepson but doing this is no big deal. It’s like giving me a hug or a kiss. Only this time, you’ll be sniffing and licking my ass.

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