Natalie Wonder – My Poor Boy, Let StepMommy Bathe You Until You’re All Healed Up Again HD 720p

On a scale of one to ten, how’s the pain?  My poor boy.  Your medicine should be kicking in soon.  I can’t believe you broke BOTH arms in that freak accident.  Stepmommy will need to do everything for you until you heal…like bathing you.  I brought a warm washcloth to clean you up down there.  Honey, don’t be embarrassed.  I’ve seen you naked.  You’re right, it’s possible to get an erection.  That’s normal if your penis is being touched.  Sweetie, this isn’t sexual.  Ready?  Doesn’t that feel nice…need to wipe around your balls too.  Aww, I’m enjoying this.  It’s a nice moment for me, as a stepmom.

Oh sorry, it’s…it’s getting erect.  Sorry sweetie.  I’ll cover it with this pillow.  The pillows hurting you?  Sorry!  Normally I’d leave the room and let you masturbate but you can’t move your arms.  Maybe if I cover it with my hands…OH NO bad idea.  It keeps growing.  You want me to…?  No!  But what are you supposed to do?  Not cum until you heal?  It’ll be weeks, maybe months.  You NEED to cum.  Okay.  This is just another “need” I’ll be helping you with.  I am your stepmom.  I’m not getting turned on.  Oh MY you are HORNY…thrusting yourself up into me so deep.  WHY is this feeling so good…you’re my stepson…

Fulfills Your Fantasy For:  POV, MILF, Taboo, Role-play, Older Woman, Fantasies, Virtual Sex, Dirty Talk, Moaning, Orgasms

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