Natalie Wonder – Lustful Step-Mom Encourages You And Your Friend On Some Naughty Boy On Boy Action HD 720p

Scene One: Step-Mom comes home to find the neighbor boy and step-son watching TV on the sofa and asks if she can join them. She begins to chit-chat with the boys – about the show and their day at school – only to soon notice their raging boners and that the two boys can barely sit still next to each other. Step-Mom giggles in excitement and playfully begins to tease the boys – reminding them it must be almost impossible to resist sitting next to each other after their previous adventure together. (Previous adventure here –>(Two Boys One MILF )

Step-Mom encourages the boys to pull down their shorts to allow their hard-ons to breath. She tells them their’s nothing to be embarrassed about. When the boys pull down their shorts Step-Mom points out that their hard-ons are twitching in anticipation of each other with pre-cum already forming on neighbor boy’s penis.

Step-Mom jumps up and stands in front of the boys to get a better view and getting excited herself – rubbing her breasts and vagina through her bottoms. She instructs the boys to grab the other’s cock and begin to stroke them slowly, adding that they should also make-out a little at the same time. As she encourages the boys, the neighbor boy turns and asks if Step-Mom will also pull down her pants. He wants to watch the step-mom rub herself as the boys stroke each other. Step-Mom giggles and turns to the step-son, asking, “Honey, you’re ok with that right? You can share step-mommy today I think. I know you want to share with your friend.” The step-son quickly nods his head and step-mom pulls down her pants and starts rubbing herself as she continues to encourage the boys.

Step-Mom can tell the neighbor boy is about to burst and tells her step-son it’s his turn this time to take the neighbor boy’s cum. She tells her step-son to get on his knees and put his mouth on the neighbor boy’s cock – she wants to see her step-son take the neighbor boy’s load in his mouth. The step-son quickly obliges. He takes the neighbor boy’s bulging cock. Step-Mom pulls out her tits and continues to rub her vagina, telling her step-son, “That’s right honey, just like I taught you. Suck it nice and slow and get ready for all that juicy hot cum.”

The neighbor boy doesn’t take long to shoot his giant load down the step-son’s throat. Step-Mom is so turned on she tells the step-son to sit back, she needs some cum now. She asks the neighbor boy if he wants to watch her take her step-son’s load,. The neighbor boy says yes. Step-Mom says to the son, “What about you honey? Want step-mommy to take your cum down her throat?” Step-Mom starts devouring her step-son’s cock while continuing to masturbate, telling her step-son that she wants to cum with him. The step-son doesn’t take long to give up that cum as the Step-Mom cums with him.

Step-Mom comes up out of breath and notices that neighbor boy is already hard again from watching her take her step-son’s load. She comments that neighbor boy enjoyed the show. She says she loves young cock because of how quick it recovers. She then thinks for a second and asks if the boys want to go for another round in her bedroom. The neighbor boy is game and the step-mom playfully encourages her step-son. She knows her step-son and she knows he wants it to happen. She gets up and tells the boys to follow – she KNOWS what they want now…

Scene Two (in the Step-Mom’s bedroom):
Step-Mom tells the boys to get all of their clothes off – she finishes removing hers. She turns around and shows them her ass – spreading it a little while rubbing it a bit. She playfully asks the boys if they like what they see – which they do. She says they’re now going to all have a little ass play. The Step-Mom looks at the neighbor boy and asks if he’s ever fucked anyone in the ass. He replies that he hasn’t, but she can tell he wants to. The Step-Mom looks at her step-son, “You want to watch your friend fuck your step-mom in the ass?” She then turns to the neighbor boy, “C’mon, honey, come over her and lick my ass. Get it nice and lubed up for that raging cock of yours.” She tells her step-son to come close to stroke him while her ass is being licked. As the neighbor boy begins to lube up her ass, the step-mom begins to talk dirty to the step-son about how good it feels and how she can’t wait to have cock in her ass. After a few minutes she tells the neighbor boy to stick his cock in her ass – guiding him to go slow at first and then to wait until she’s ready for him to start thrusting. As the neighbor boy is fucking the step-mom’s ass she turns to her step-son to describe how it feels – while also whispering that it’s not as good as HIS cock. Step-Mom tells the neighbor boy to pick up his pace, but instructs him not to cum. She has other ideas for his second load. But the step-mom needs to cum with that dick in her ass and starts to rub her pussy to make it happen.

After the step-mom’s orgasm she tells the neighbor boy to stop. It’s his turn to take some cock in his ass. The Step-Mom tells the neighbor boy to lay down flat on the bed, which he does with his stiff erect dick popping into the air. The step-mom then tells her step-son, “Don’t you want to fuck that tight ass? I want to watch it. And I can tell your friend wants that dick.” She looks at neighbor boy saying, “You want it, huh? I know you do, sweetheart.” As the step-son begins to slowly insert his dick in the neighbor boy’s ass the step-mom straddles the neighbor boy so that he can eat her ass out while her step-son fucks that ass. She is straddled over the neighbor boy so that she can face her step-son. The step-mom instructs her step-son on speed and pace. She wants to see the neighbor boy shoot his cum with no hands again, just like last time. She continues to encourage her step-son while also telling the neighbor boy how good he is at taking that dick and eating her ass out. Soon the step-mom notices the pre-cum pouring from the neighbor boy’s dick. She sees his hips thrusting and his dick twitching uncontrollably. She tells the son that the neighbor boy is so close. The step-mom tells her step-son to shoot his hot load into his ass when he’s ready to cum – “Do it honey, give him that cum load.” And just as the step-son cums the neighbor boy can’t hold back any longer and shoots out ropes of cum without any touching – it’s so hot the step-mom cums again as well.

The step-mom then giggles and tells the boys what a good job they did. Looking at her step-son she says she can’t wait for the neighbor boy’s next visit.

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