Natalie Wonder – Love In A Different Way – StepMom Shows You Parts To See, Taste And FEEL HD 720p

I’m sorry I got you up out of bed sweetie but I promise you won’t regret this.  Yes, stepdad is resting on the bed right over there.  This will feel naughtier and it’ll turn me on even MORE, trust me.  You know how I tell you all the time I love you?  And you love stepmommy too, right?  Let me show you love in a different way…show you parts of me most others never get to see.  You’ll be my good boy, right?  You were blessed with quite a gift down there.  Stepmommy especially DESERVES that gift.  Mmmm.  

Shhhh we need to whisper.  It’s sexier this way.  Your cock likes it too.  Sit back for a minute and watch me…do you know how much stronger our love becomes when we show our private parts to eachother.  Do you feel that down there?  That throb every time I rub my tits, squeeze my nipples….does it throb even MORE when I spread my legs and show off my full hairy bush…spreading it to show you my delicious pink pussy.  Taste it.  Good boy.  Now let that naughty cock throb deep inside me until you fill me up with your warm cum.  Mmmm my turn to cum.  Watch me, my boy, in the most intimate, erotic way…

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