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This video starts out with me sending a sexy little video to my boyfriend! It’s our 3 month anniversary soo ya know ^_^ I start rubbing my clit with my vibrator, trying to be quiet while I get closer and closer to cuming. I think I hear my parents/step bro a few times and stop to make sure they aren’t, like, about to come in! Ah, I’m so nervous and scared that I’m not being quite enough. I fuck myself with my glass toy, I’m sooo creamy now and love licking my cream off of my toy and fingering my butthole. I’m close to cuming again when I turn and see my step bro creeping on me with the door cracked! I freak out grab my phone and stop the video. You come in knowing that if mom and dad found out I was sending PORN to my boyfriend they would ground me FOREVER. You decide to take this perfect opportunity to blackmail me into fucking you. I obviously don’t want to and I’m being such a fucking brat about it. Knowing I have no other option I FINALLY agree to fuck you and maybe if your lucky, seem into it. You fuck me in missionary and I’m being such a brat saying you won’t be able to make me cum. You decide to make me eat my words and you fuck me sOooo goood you make me cum so hard but even after that I’m still being such a bratty little bitch. I make one to many backhanded comments and your like ‘that’s it if you don’t want me to tell mom and dad you have to give me anal’ I am so shocked you ask I try to get out of it and lie and say I’ve never done anal before, but you know how much of a little slut your step sister is and how many new boyfriends she gets at school. Your dick slides in her ass easily so you know she was a lying bitch about it. She loves how good your cock feels in her ass while you pound her asshole. Your close to cuming, she said you can cum anywhere you want as long as you don’t tell mom and dad about her sending Porn to her boyfriend. You cum deep in her ass pulling out halfway through cuming, shoving your dick in her pussy to finish cuming while your cum pours out of her ass. Hi hi Skye here c: yes you are correct this video is suspiciously Valentine’s themed and posted the week after Valentine’s Day… totally not Valentine’s related. Defiantly did plan for this video to be themed around a 3 month relationship. Yup, it’s high school my dude. Tags: psilocybinskye, step brother, POV, cream pie, stripper, strip tease, blackmail, blackmail fantasy, anal, step sister, taboo, cum play, anal play, cream pie

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