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Your friend tells you that he saw me, your step sister, working at our local strip club! You are shocked and surprised that I was working there, excited about this you decide this would be the perfect opportunity to see your step sister how you always wished you could. You’ve always thought she was super hot and have always wanted to see her naked. You decide you don’t want her to freak out while she’s working, so you decide to book a private room with her. You book the private room for when she usually arrives at the club, so that way you don’t risk her seeing you walk in. After excitedly rushing to get ready for the private room, she opens the door and sees you there! She comes in super upset and bratty after realizing it’s you and tries to refuse services. You let her know that if she does you’ll tell mom and dad about it. She begrudgingly agrees to give you the lap dance you ordered but only for one song, during the half assed lap dance she’s being such a brat and telling you how much of a creep you are for even asking her to give you a lap dance. She could really care less if you like it or think it’s good. Because at the moment she is so fucking pissed at you. She finishes her lap dance but you still have some time left for your room and you decided to up the ante and ask for a blowjob, she is SOOO fucking pissed you’d even ask that but you quickly remind her of what you’ll do if she doesn’t. She begrudgingly agrees to give you a blowjob, you make her get your dick out and when she does she’s amazed by how big it is! After making all these bratty remarks she pauses and takes a second and tells you how she’s never seen such a big cock before! She’s excited to suck it but still a little mad about how you got her into this situation. After sucking you off for a little while she asks if you are close to cumming. You tell her that ‘you’d cum faster if she fucked you’. She actually agrees! Willingly! Like she’s really excited to ride your dick, because she’s never ever fucked such a big dick before! She rides you on top then after a little while you tell her your close to cumming and want to cum in her in missionary. She flips over with you still inside her pussy and then you start fucking her immediately with quick, fast strokes. You get close to cumming again and cum in her with the biggest load EVER! You pull out and sit back as you watch your slutty step sister push the creampie out of her pussy. Hi, hi Skye here, this was a custom video that I fell in love with the buyers idea and was given a lot of creative freedom to make this video extra special ^_^ Tags: psilocybinskye, step brother, POV, cream pie, stripper, strip tease, blackmail, blackmail fantasy, blowjob, step sister, taboo, cum play

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