Liza K, Tia Flame – Siblings’ revenge. From bad guy to worse girl. Transfer fetish. HD 1080p

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In this video: rough guy, his sexy step-sister, transfer fetish, man in woman’s body, panic, shock, humor, desperation, revenge plan, slutty outfit for new “step-sister”, fucking, awkward situations, POV.

He might not be the worst step-brother in the world but he definitely was not in the first 10. And his behavior was so rough! Always so lazy and so disdainful! He thought that women are the second grade! His step-sister was pretty tired of all this !

And who would have thought that when she told him that someday he will feel all on his own turned to be the curse! And this impudent guy will wake up in the … girl’s body! Fuck! What a twist! No balls, no dick just pussy and tits! Aaaaa-aaa-aah! That was a disaster! What to do?! How can he live now in the girl’s body?! He inspected the body again. No, nothing changed. Pussy with trimmed pubic hair and cute tits. Did I called them “cute” already? Gosh!

The moment his step-sister came back probably was the hardest time in his, oh, I’m sorry, in HER life! But the newborn girl proved that it was her step-brother inside this shell! And the step-sister decided not to miss her chance! You know what I mean! The sweet revenge for all these years! Finally!

She told him that to get his old body back he need to add some male hormones inside! Sounds logically, isn’t it? Well, wait when she will finish! So to get some male hormones he, yes-yes, she must be fucked by a guy! Cruel enough, hah?! The poor girl had no choice and agreed.

The new outfit was just perfect! It was not possible to find more humiliating clothes! But of course it was not the end of the ! She was told to rub her pussy to warm up before her first (and she was praying last!) sex in this body. That moment the lovely step-sister called her friend to ask for a little service…

She was surprised to feel the thick cock inside her tight pussy and was not ready to be fucked like a doll! But later she felt that was ready to explode…

Keywords: magic, female training, panic, crossdressing, using body, tits, two girls, gender, orgasm, male domination, sheer lingerie, liza k. fetishes, fantasies, tia flame, liza k.

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