Crystal Knight – Seducing Step-Daddy Into Cuckold Fantasies HD 1080p

Your princess loves to tell you about all the studs I go out with every night. You get so jealous and horny hearing how they please my body. I met up with my personal trainer last night so I could try a home workout and damn did he deliver. I’m going to tell you all about it, about his body, the way he touched mine, and how big and hard his cock was for me. I’m definitely going to see him again but today I’m focusing on you d a-dd-y. Today you’re going to take what you’ve always wanted, you’re going to do what you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. You’re going to feel these curves and be teased to the limit. Once I’m done, I’ll call my play toy to get my fix too, but not until you cum harder than ever before for me da-dd-y.

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