Crystal Knight

Crystal Knight – Ultimate Step-Mommy JOI 4K

Step-Mommy is feeling so seductive today and I want to enjoy the sexual energy with you step-son. I want to make your cock throb as you worship step-mommy’s big tits. You’ve become obsessed with only pleasuring yourself to step-mommy. You love the way that I make you stroke as I feed into all those dirty fantasies on your mind. The closer you get to cumming for me, the better each and every stroke feels. I love giving you pleasure step-son and I’m going to do it all the time. Step-Mommy loves reminding you why I am the best at draining every last drop out of your cock.

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Crystal Knight – Step-Mommy’s Good Boy JOI 4K

My boy has been such a good boy that you were going to get the most sensual cock draining that you’ve only ever dreamed of experiencing. Go on and get it wet boy. I want you milking it from the very first second that this session starts. I tease you with my big tits and urge you to give in to all your dirty pleasures. It feels so good when step-mommy calls you a good boy. It makes you want to cum so hard to my body and face. The closer you get to orgasm, more intense the teasing gets. I encourage you to pursue pleasure for step-mommy and imagine all the kinky things you want to do for me. This is going to give you the most intense sensations and I plan to drain every last drop out of your cock. This is going to be unforgettable boy.

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Crystal Knight – Milked by Step-Mommy’s Tits 4K

My sweet boy, are you ready to worship step-mommy like never before? I’m giving you the most sensual, nurturing stroke session to fall deep into subspace to. Step-mommy loves making you hard for these big tits. I encourage you to touch it and give you the most detailed instructions to guide you into orgasm. You love when Step-Mommy lets you pleasure yourself to my body. The feelings I give you when we make eye contact send a jolt through your body that you can’t get enough of. I love milking you with these step-mommy milkers. I bet you would love to suck on them but there is nooo nudity today. Just seductive, teasing pleasure that will make my sweet step-son crave more over and over again.

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Crystal Knight – Seducing Step-Daddy Into Cuckold Fantasies HD 1080p

Your princess loves to tell you about all the studs I go out with every night. You get so jealous and horny hearing how they please my body. I met up with my personal trainer last night so I could try a home workout and damn did he deliver. I’m going to tell you all about it, about his body, the way he touched mine, and how big and hard his cock was for me. I’m definitely going to see him again but today I’m focusing on you d a-dd-y. Today you’re going to take what you’ve always wanted, you’re going to do what you’ve always dreamed of experiencing. You’re going to feel these curves and be teased to the limit. Once I’m done, I’ll call my play toy to get my fix too, but not until you cum harder than ever before for me da-dd-y.

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Crystal Knight – Cancel Your Date For Step-Mommy – JOI 4K

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You walk in all dressed up ready to go on your first date. You don’t want to tell me what you’re doing because you know m0.mmy will stop you from going. You see what I’m wearing and have to tell me your plans. I’m surprised my good boy’s plans for the night are not as innocent as expected. Why would you go on a date? You could be on a date with m0.mmy all night long instead. So I decide if you’re going to go on this date you must know how a woman body works. I start talking about m0.mmy’s big tits and how you love to suck on them. Such a perv. I can tell that you’re hard so I tell you to stroke for me. Forget about your date and focus on m0.mmy. As I tease you into this moment of pleasure and submission, I tell you to cancel on her and we’ll have much more fun in my bedroom than you would have going out tonight. M0.mmy won’t share you with anyone, you are m0.mmy’s boy now and forever.
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