Ashley Fires – Jerk It For Your Step Daughters HD 720p

Your Step Daughters are Hot! You have lusted after them since you met their step-mother. They are constantly teasing you with glimpses of their tight little bodies and grinding their firm tits on you when ever they hug you. You suspected for a while now that something inappropriately sexual was going on between your two hot stepdaughters. They are always together, and way too nice to each other to be normal. Tonight their step-mom is away. You decide this will be the night you catch them in the act. After dinner you tell them that you are tired and going to bed early. Instead of going to bed you hide out in their bathroom and waited for something to happen…

You are about to give up, when you hear what sounds like kissing coming from the other room. You peer through a crack in the door, and there they are, just as you had dreamed of, wearing shear nighties, kissing and making out on the bed! As you stand there watching them kissing your cock hardens. How far will the go? Your older Step Step-Daughter is the more dominant one, and she motions the younger step-sister to get on top of her in a 69 position. She peals back her younger sisters nighty revieling her tight pink pussy. As her young tongue probes the virgin pussy, you creep into the room to get a closer look. As they are chainging positions, your Step Daughters notice you watching them with a raiging hard on and your hand in your pants! Frightened at first, the girls decide, that if you dont tell step-mom, they wont. Now since you got to see them getting it on, they want to see you stroke it for them…

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