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Scene One: Wasted dad tuck in

Ashley is texting her friends when her wasted dad walks into the room. He begins to feel his daughters tight body and takes her phone. Daddy loves you he tells her pulling open her shirt and feeling her breasts. He unbuttons her top exposing her breasts and pulls off her panties and his bottom. He gets on top of her and spreads her legs apart against some resistance. When he enters her she lets out a small cry of pain from losing her virginity. I’m not sure about this Ashley pleads with him, but he takes off her pants and licks her sweet pussy.

She doesn’t understand what’s happening as her father slides his cock inside her. Oh please, what are you doing dad… stop She moans softly. It feels so wrong and feels so good. He cums inside her and kisses her on the head, falling asleep beside her.

Scene Two: Dad before school

The next morning. She is walking through the kitchen carrying books like she is going to school. She is wearing blue jeans or shorts. Her father stops her. She looks away. He strokes her back while telling how wonderful last night was. Mom’s still at work He tells her and pulls up her shirt and spanks his naughty daughter.

With her bent over he teacher her a lesson with his cock. Ashley looks up at him with anger as she’s forced to suck him. He walks around her and pushes his wet hard cock inside. Dad no Ashley moans. Holding her down he fucks her hard and cums in her mouth before school.

Scene Three: Dad after school

Ashley comes home from a long dad at school only to be attacked by her Tipsy father. What the hell dad She screams as he rips off her clothes and enters her from behind. Oh fuck She yells. Dad kisses her forcefully on the lips while she struggles to get away and turns her face back and forth

Her dad fucks her hard into the couch. She’s angry and wants him to stop but she moans from her sensitive pussy getting destroyed. Holding her down he cums inside his little girl. See how much daddy loves you he tells her.

Scene Four: Dad all the time

Watching a movie with her dad he explains to her how everything is all right. He tells her how much the last few weeks have meant om him. He begins to stroke her hair. I don’t know Ashley says when he gropes her breasts. She tries to get him to stop but he makes her suck his cock. Dad she moans at him pulling down her shorts and penetrating her tight pussy.

With her shirt he ties her hands so she can’t fight him as he fucks her. He then has her get on all fours and has sex doggy style. He makes her get to the floor and open her mouth. Daddy loves you He says shooting his hot load all over her tongue and face.

The joke is on Daddy, Ashley wanted this all along and can’t wait for “forced anal” next week…

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