Alora Jaymes – Daddy Compels me to Obey

From: Bare Back Studios

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Scene One: How to compel

You’ve been spending too much money sending your daughter to a therapist. They mesmerize her and send her back happy. But that only works for a day or two and you have to send her right back to be put under again. With this item you ordered online, you can put her under yourself and keep the money spent on huge doctor bills.

You swing the pendent in front of her but nothing happens. You hit her with a laser and nothing happens. Soon she picks up a lolly pop and slides it into her mouth. Oh my god this is so good she says as she slowly becomes . I am your sex slave. I’ll do whatever you want. she says. So that’s what’s been happening at her therapy appointments. Watching her suck on the lollypop turns you on. I’m daddy’s sex slave, and I’ll do whatever he says She says taking off her shirt.

Her huge breasts busting out of the top of her bra as she sinks to her knees and sucks you off into her mouth. You cum quickly and she swallows it down. I love lollypops she giggles.

Scene Two: Better than my wife

Sitting on your bed wearing your wife’s dress your daughter waits for you sucking on another lollypop. As the lollypop goes to work she becomes increasingly horny, shaking her ass and stripping out of her dress. She giggles and wiggles on the bed in mindless happiness as she takes off her bra and begins to suck you, deep throating your cock.

Oh Daddy She screams. She slides off her blue thong and spreads her legs begging you to fuck her. I want you to fuck me so bad daddy She yells as she sucks on the lolly pop. You fuck her and spank her ass red until your desperate to cum. You make her spin around and cream pie her mouth as she sucks you down like the lollypop.

Scene Three: Pardon this interruption

Your daughter is sitting watching TV in her sexy bra and panties when you give her another Lollypop. Quickly and excitedly she puts it in her mouth and begins to suck. Her mind goes giddy with pleasure and she strips off her panties looking at you with lust in her eyes.

She begs you to fuck her and you do taking your daughter and shoving your large cock inside her. You fuck her around the living room as she sucks on her treat. Moaning and screaming she’s the best fuck you’ve ever had. You make her stroke your cock in her mouth until you explode inside her again. She swallows you with no complaints and a loving smile for her daddy.

Scene Four: Two candies

You find your daughter in the bathroom. She found where you hide the candies and she’s sucking on two of them naked and horny. I think you should cum in my pussy daddy she says sucking and turning you on. She gets to her knees and puts you in her mouth between lolly licks. Deep throating you all the way down.

You fuck her on the bathroom counter as she moans into her lollypops. Begging you and screaming in pleasure you grab her large breasts and spank her ass as you plow into her and make her cum. Oh daddy cum for me! she screams. It’s too much and you cum inside her shooting your hot load and decorating the inside and outside of her pussy.

Thank you daddy she says and keeps sucking on the candy.

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