Anya Olsen in Natural Harvest

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Scene One: Ice breaker

Cute pink lipstick, and dark eyelashes, Anya looks into the mirror and puts on makeup. Good morning step-dad She says sweetly. He stands behind her watching and rubbing her shoulders making her feel awkward. She tells him to stop and that it’s really weird. He shushes her, putting his arm around her neck and touching her with his free hand. Step-Dad, this is wrong She tries to fight him off.

Please She moans, step-dad stripping her of her clothes, bending her over the counter, and licking her sweet pussy. Anya feels something press against her pussy lips making her tremble Please don’t hurt me step-dad she begs, her step-dad slowly filling her with cock. Each thrust like nails on a chalkboard making her shiver. He fucks her harder and harder and there’s nothing she can do about it. Fuck you I hate you step-dad Anya manages to say amid her sobs of humiliation. How it happened she doesnt know but she cums with her step-father’s hand around her neck, his cock deep inside her, and she feels him fill her with hot warm cum. Put your clothes back on and get ready for school He tells her.

Scene Two: Extra Credit

Hands off Is what Anya’s tee-shirt says. And after the other day with her step-father she fucking means it. She has no idea how she’s going to get all her homework done when her step-dad touches her neck. I’m trying to do my homework. Hands off! She screams. He pulls off her shirt and shorts softly whispering to her as she begs for him to stop.

With her face in her book he gets on top of her and fucks her. I’m going to tell step-mom and she’s going to fucking leave you She tells him. He pounds her into the couch harder. She looks at him with anger and disgust as he makes her cum. Is step-mom not good enough for you, you have to fuck your step-daughter too? She yells at him. He fucks her until he cream pies his little sweet girl and her pussy in cum. What did you do She asks him touching her cum filled pussy.

Scene Three: Dirty laundry

On the couch Anya is folding her dry warm laundry when her step-dad grabs her from behind. Go back to folding your clothes He tells her and bends her over. Step-Dad please, can I just go to my room? She begs him. He unbuttons her shirt and slaps her tight little ass. Wrapping his belt around her neck he pulls down her tight little pink panties.

Why step-daddy She moans in sobs of pleasure and pain. Her step-dad’s cock driving into her, making her feel so used and turned on. Humiliated and loving it, she pleads with him. I don’t love you She moans through his pounding.

Scene Four: Keep it clean

No matter how long Anya showers for she just doesnt feel clean. She steps out of the shower only to find her step-dad waiting for her. She’s enveloped in her warm robe and her step-dad’s strong arms. I’m all clean, can’t you just leave me be? She begs him and he slaps her ass in response. Step-Daddy She moans and cries as he fucks her tight sweet pussy. I’m your step-daughter, do you really like doing this? This is so fucked up She says. Deep inside it feels good to be fucked and she desperately wants it not too. Please, Please she moans and cums hard on her step-dad’s cock.

Fuck you She whispers as he drags her to her room and throws her to the bed. Step-Daddy why? She cries. He chokes her and fucks her harder, the bed bouncing, and Anya moaning through gritted teeth. Fuck, step-daddy her quivering voice squeaks. He cums deep inside of her pussy filling her up. The cum works its way inside of her and impregnates her tiny little body. Oh fuck

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