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After confiding to my girlfriend on the phone that my sex life with my husband was very lackluster she Confided with me that she had been having sex with her stepson. She suggested that I try it with my son and Told her that it is not the same thing I gave birth to him. But she insisted that I try it I was not convinced. Then I started thinking and I got quite turned on touching myself thinking about how it would be to have sex with him. He walked in on me and heard me talking about having sex with his mother. I suggested that we experiment not actually have sex but just kind of fool around to see how it felt he was down for it the only thing he was worried about was if his dad would come home. I assured him that we have plenty of time and his dad would not catch us. Well needless to say fooling around turned into much more and his dad came home and just as he was giving me the biggest cream pie. I panicked not about his dad finding us as we were done but oh my God I had to cut his load out of me there was so much trying to push it out I just too old to get pregnant and the there It’s a history of pretty good swimmers in the family. Still it was exciting and I was less worried about being pregnant. The next time I talked on the phone to my girlfriend I was over the moon with excitement telling her what a great idea it was.

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