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FLASH WARNING– please be aware that there is a short scene that may affect those with photo sensitivity. My Secretary is a Very Nice Woman, mostly, she does fairly good work, sometimes, and she’s always late. She’s kind of bitchy and stubborn in some ways, well I need to turn thing around, the corporate is starting to take notice and I either get her to start being more obedient and follow simple orders and complete work tasks or I FIRE HER. I Was reading some forums about Training and I came across this guy selling a Magic Bracelet With Light activator. So I purchased it, I Confronted my Secretary about her behavior and possible loss of her job, she agreed to try this method. I Placed the Magic bracelet on her arm and Flashed the Light in Her Eyes just as the instructions said, This bracelet and Light syncs together to Allow Me to retrain her to my needs. I Started off simple, commanded her to get me a pen, she agreed and called me SIR NOW. I Have her Finish a report I’ve been waiting for and promptly finish. I Ask her to stand and spin around, I have her squeeze her breasts and she does, I have her bend over and show me her Panties and WOW she complies, she’s wearing unattractive panties. I Tell her training is going well and we will continue more tomorrow, but First I tell her to bring me coffee, be on time and to wear something more sexy and She agrees. The next morning she walks in wearing a sexy silver dress and my coffee. I don’t think we’re going to get much work done today. I complimented her on her dress and she seemed to hesitate looking around, I pulled out my Flashing Mind Light to re sync and she immediately complied. I have her bend over, she is wearing the hottest thong, I have her to a striptease for me, and remove her dress, she has the hottest lingerie, she proceeds to grind on my lap I can feel my cock getting hard, I need to relieve some stress, I have her pull my cock out and stroke it, suck it, she’s is the most obedient secretary I have ever had. I Need to taste her pussy, I sit her down, legs open and proceed to lick and suck her clit, I Bring her to orgasm quickly. I than fuck her doggy style her big tits swaying and bouncing as I pound her from behind. I stand her up bent over the couch and fuck her harder until I’m about ready to CUM, I have her stroke and suck my cock some more until I’m ready to CUM, I stand over her commanding her to look at me, head back as I CUM on her Beautiful FACE. I might actually give her a raise if this behavior continues, she promptly sits back down at her desk and continues to do her work, cum dripping down her chin.

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Son Thank you for coming to talk to me like I asked you to after your date tonight. There is something really important that I need from you. I know that you and your girlfriend are having sex and that is OK I am just so thankful that you wear a condom every time. Now mommy needs something from you. When your dad left, he left without giving me the only thing that I wanted from him. Another BBY. I need you to sit down and let me tease you to get your cock nice and hard and build up the perfect load to impregnate me with. I see you are getting hard already. You like watching mommy ! Don’t be scared! I promise you after you feel mommy from the inside you will never get hard for another dumb basic girl again! Let me suck it and and lick it for a little while. I know you want to cummm but DO NOT until you are deep inside of me. I need to ride you forwards and backwards to get a good build up of seed in your balls before I let you cumm. Boy if you cumm Anywhere except for mommy’s pussy you will never get to feel it again so be patient and let me feel how good it feels so I can climax at the same time as you when you finally cum in mommy’s pussy and impregnate me. It’s the best way you know. I will eventually let you shoot your big load deep in my pussy and not waste a drop of your precious seed. See isn’t it better without a condom and I know everything about mommy is better than your g/f. Sure you can keep seeing her but good luck getting hard for anyone but me ever again. You are such a good boy doing what I tell you to do you deserved to bust that nut inside of me and make me cum so hard. MMMM maybe next time after I am pregnant I will let you cumm somewhere else. I get so horny when I am pregnant. *** there was an intended creampie at the end but I just couldn’t waste a drop oh and also the tube kept disconnecting. It’s a new toy

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***AMAZING FACIAL ENDING Tabitha recently got herself into a little bit of trouble with her credit cards and it’s not the first time. She Has to pay them Off before her husband finds out otherwise he will divorce her for sure. She Knows That I’m a very lucrative amateur porn producer and Also Her Husbands Best Friend. She’s Never had sex with anyone other than hubby but Is Desperate, much less done porn before but She really need to pay the debt off. She called Me up, giving me a fake name and go for an interview. I Was really surprised to see her at the door and reluctantly allows her to do an interview with me, For one she’s my Best Friends Wife, Just felt wrong, but she seemed desperate and in need of help. I first test her skills with a Simple POV hand job, blow job, and then things get a little bit more intense with Her, I Tell her to ride me forward and reverse cowgirl, guiding her along the way, and Then I Fuck her Doggy style slamming her PHATT Juicy Ass, I Never realized how HOT and Sexy My BF’s Wife IS, Her Big Natural TITS, Bouncing in front of My Face, Her wet Pussy Sliding up and Down on my hard COCK, this has got to be one of the Best Experiences I’ve Ever Had. Might because it was so TABOO To be Fucking My BF WIFE. I even Stood up on the bed and bent Her over towards the headboard and FUCK HER HARD FROM BEHIND. So good! This is so new and amazing to me. She Said it Usually doesn’t last half this long with her hubby and the only position they have is missionary. Some best friend, I though he would of at least watched some of my Porn videos and Got a few Pointers, oh well His Loss.She Says I’m so much bigger and more creative than her husband. I Think she really enjoyed herself, letting loose, and Her orgasm, WOW she moaned and screamed so loud. I finish somewhere that nobody ever has! All over Her Beautiful face covering it with My huge load!!! I shot most of my cum right into her eye, but she did not care. She loved the feeling of it dripping down her face. I think she;s going to allow me to create some more amateur porn with her. she seemed to be very impressed and I don’t think it’s cheating since she will be getting paid for it. I See More Great Videos in the Near Future she’s a Talented one with the COCK.

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I recently found out that my dirty filthy son has been sniffing another girls panties. I found out at a PTA meeting when I talked to the girls mom. How infuriating it was for me he is only to sniff my panties while I stroke his cock every night it’s our nightly ritual. Well tonight will be different after the PTA meeting I went to a store and I got some supplies and tonight I’m going to dominate him and show him who the boss is . Handcuffs a ball gag, a whip and some rope. He is to do everything I tell him to do he’s going to learn the hard way how to please his mother. He has never seen me like this before ; angry horny and dominant I will ensure he knows he is my filthy boy and mom is the only one that will ever teach him anything about sex. He is only to have my panties at night but tonight he will get my ugly a granny panties to sniff while I ride his cock really hard After riding him I make him fuck me hard harder harder and harder I think he learned his lesson He will stay away from those little girls from now on and ensure that mom is the only one that he will ever want!

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My son-in-law, ‘Beto’ called me the other day and asked if he could come over to talk to me. He was having trouble with his wife, my daughter and needed someone to talk to. When he got here I noticed he was staring at my legs and my mouth and my cleavage and then saw a bulge in his pants. I felt so bad that he was hurting his wife has not been giving him enough sex. I told him how much I want to have another BBY and I’m ovulating. I told him to take his cock out while I teased him with my body. I told him however not to come until he is inside of me .I told him to stroke his cock slowly and then faster and then tell me when he’s going to come and I’ll let him slip it right inside of my wet pussy and come deep inside of me ensuring my pregnancy.

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XXXTabithaXXX / TabithaXXX – HRNY Son Oblivious Mom-P2-Hotdogn Ass 4K

This is Part 2 of a 4 Part Series – Horny Son Oblivious Mom – Poison Ivy is the first.

In this video Mom stumbles in after a night out with friends’ she is dressed in a short dress, pantyhose and high heels. Her son is in the living room jerking off to porn on his phone when he hears her come in. He quickly pulls his shorts to cover himself up as she stumbles in. Mom greets him and asks him what he’s up to. He stumbles over words and says he was just about to start a movie. You sloppily say you’re going to have a glass of something and join him. She goes to her room and comes back out with her pantyhose still on and a T-shirt. Her son watches as she walks away to get some popcorn and notices a part of the bottom of her shirt is caught in the top of her pantyhose holding the back of her shirt above her waist. Mom’s entire butt is pretty much exposed in her sheer pantyhose. He turns the tv on as she gets comfortable in front of him facing the tv. He jerks off to her ass while she tells him how much fun her night was. She mentions she was dancing so much she thinks she ripped her pantyhose. Suddenly she stops talking. And he notices she is not moving much. and is slumped over the ottoman she is laying on. He stands up quietly and carefully walks over to you to see if she is out for the night. She Is Out. He continues jerking off over her ass carefully not to wake her up. He decides to take a few pictures of Mom’s ass so he can save them and jerk off to them when he wants too. He notices a small tear in her pantyhose towards the bottom of her ass crack. He gets a little more daring and straddles Mom’s ass. Carefully rubbing his cock on her butt. Mom does not move or stir at all so he starts to rub harder. She still does not move. He’s getting close to cumming and starts feeling even more daring. He rips the hole open just big enough to slide his cock in. He hotdogs her ass cheeks in her pantyhose. Thrusting away. Mom still doesn’t move or stir. It’s so hot he can help himself. He fucks her ass cheeks until he blows a big fat load in his Mom’s ass crack. All completely unbeknownst to her.

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XXXTabithaXXX / TabithaXXX – MOMs Study Break Hand Job HD 1080p

Mom always knows the BEST way to relieve your stress. You have been studying so hard for finals when she offers to relax you with a message. Mom starts smoothing oil on your legs and it doesn’t take long before she notices the bulge in your shorts. She offers to help relieve your hard cock. How can you say no to mom when she dangles her big Double D’s over you. She strokes you with oil and rubs your cock against her mammoth tits and nipples. Mom starts to whisper dirty things to you to encourage you to cum on her and relieve all of your stress. Mom leans in, tits pressed against your cock waiting for you to shoot your load all over them. MOM gives best BIG TITTY STUDY BREAK HANDJOBS EVER.

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This is a custom film. It includes a dual angle cum shot to my face. My husband owes a lot of money to an old business partner. The old partner shows up unannounced one day to collect. He knows your husband is out of town, and is determined to “collect” any way he can. When I tell him you don’t have any money, he decides to use me for his pleasure. He tells you to comply with his sexual demands, or he will prosecute my hubby. The verbally upsetting talk starts as he tells me to remove the robe, and pull my panties down. He then has me expose my breasts. He orders me to my knees for some cocksucking, while calling me a whore and a slut. He spits on me and slaps me. I reluctantly comply with his treatment, even when he makes you say that I am a “cheap cocksucker”. He continues the talk until he cumms right on my nose and forehead. Satisfied, he leaves me on my knees wearing his cum, totally humiliated. Dual angle cum shot.

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XXXTabithaXXX / TabithaXXX – Mom/SON Have Sex on his Death Bed 4K

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, POV, Big tits

We have been lovers for the last 10 years, My son, my lover, and my best friend. When it first started we knew it was wrong but we could not live any other way. I NEVER expected that at 28 years old he would be on his deathbed ready to pass away any day. I refused to leave his side so having him at home was the ONLY choice. Taking care of him 24/7 has been exhausting and we are both so tired. I walk in to give him what will likely be his last sponge bath and notice that he has gotten an erection. One last time? I ask him? Can we give each other pleasure ONE last time. Oh YES! And that is exactly how I want to remember him. With passion and love only a mother and son can feel.
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XXXTabithaXXX / TabithaXXX – Mom Cures Son’s Erectile Dysfunction HD 1080p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, POV, Blowjob

I came home from work the other day surprised to find my son was back from college. We chatted for a bit and I told him about the interview I had later that day as a lipstick model. We both were so excited and he was so happy for me. I finally asked him what he was doing home from college as it was not a holiday he was so embarrassed to tell me I had to drag it out of him. He admitted that he had trouble getting it up and keeping his cock hard during sex. I didn’t know what to say at first I didn’t want him to be embarrassed but eventually I came up with an Idea that I thought maybe could help him I could tell how worried he was about his condition and how much it could affect his social life. I Thought of an idea that could help cure his problem and asked him if he’d let me try on different shades of lipstick and let me kiss his cock with it. He was hesitant at first and I think a little weirded out but he finally agreed. I got four different shades of lipstick and got working. I got on my knees and every time I tried on a different shade of lipstick I would kiss his penis wrap my mouth around it and lay it on my tongue. He got really hard and had no problem keeping it up. I then took a moment and let him get soft again and tried on the next color. I did this with several different colors and finally got the last one. I can tell he wanted me to finish him off. I just knew it. So I asked if I could suck him off. Hesitant at first he finally agreed. I can see how he looked at me. I showed him my tits and my ass and asked him if he liked mommy’s body. He did admit that he liked looking at me and he tried not to think about me that way when he was with other girls. I told him it was OK. It was OK to think about me if that would be a sure cure for his erectile dysfunction. It turns out the problem wasn’t him at all! it was the girls that he was with. They weren’t me, they weren’t his mom.

Either way I sucked him off like no one ever had before and teased him and talked super dirty to my Son until he finally blew his load down my throat. It was so much that I almost gaged on it. Mommy has a cure for everything!
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