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I came home from work the other day surprised to find my son was back from college. We chatted for a bit and I told him about the interview I had later that day as a lipstick model. We both were so excited and he was so happy for me. I finally asked him what he was doing home from college as it was not a holiday he was so embarrassed to tell me I had to drag it out of him. He admitted that he had trouble getting it up and keeping his cock hard during sex. I didn’t know what to say at first I didn’t want him to be embarrassed but eventually I came up with an Idea that I thought maybe could help him I could tell how worried he was about his condition and how much it could affect his social life. I Thought of an idea that could help cure his problem and asked him if he’d let me try on different shades of lipstick and let me kiss his cock with it. He was hesitant at first and I think a little weirded out but he finally agreed. I got four different shades of lipstick and got working. I got on my knees and every time I tried on a different shade of lipstick I would kiss his penis wrap my mouth around it and lay it on my tongue. He got really hard and had no problem keeping it up. I then took a moment and let him get soft again and tried on the next color. I did this with several different colors and finally got the last one. I can tell he wanted me to finish him off. I just knew it. So I asked if I could suck him off. Hesitant at first he finally agreed. I can see how he looked at me. I showed him my tits and my ass and asked him if he liked mommy’s body. He did admit that he liked looking at me and he tried not to think about me that way when he was with other girls. I told him it was OK. It was OK to think about me if that would be a sure cure for his erectile dysfunction. It turns out the problem wasn’t him at all! it was the girls that he was with. They weren’t me, they weren’t his mom.

Either way I sucked him off like no one ever had before and teased him and talked super dirty to my Son until he finally blew his load down my throat. It was so much that I almost gaged on it. Mommy has a cure for everything!

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