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This is Part 1 of a 4 Part Series – Horny Son Oblivious Mom – Poison Ivy – In Part one he first calls her and tells her he has horrible poison ivy and needs help putting the lotion on he asks if dad is gone. He is told yes he’s gone for a few weeks. A fact that he was already aware of. Once he arrives Mom of course is very concerned and tells him she will do anything to help him. He tells her to meet him in his bedroom to apply the lotion. He immediately tells her to close her eyes as he is very shy and embarrassed about the whole situation she turns around and closes her eyes as he takes off his clothes and starts to stroke his cock then tells her to turn around And get on her knees with lotion in hand and keep her eyes closed the entire time as he guides her where to put the lotion on his thighs and groin, eventually guides her to his cock. She feels his hard cock and gets slightly embarrassed herself and asks why he is hard he’s annoyed and tells her that he’s already embarrassed and why would she “even ask such a question!” He said he needs lotion on his cock As it is very painful. She continues To rub with trepidation but he tells her rub from the base all the way to the tip he then tells her it it’s not absorbing and she needs to rub it faster. Then slower than tighter. He then tells her that it is absorbing but now needs more lotion just then he accidentally kicks the bottle underneath the bed, she has her eyes closed still And tells her that it went underneath the bed she needs to turn around he continues to jerk off faster as she has her ass straight up in the air looking for the bottle. While she is bent over looking With her ass in the air directly in front of his cock he bust a fat nut all over her tight black yoga pants. He tells her that he really doesn’t need any more and she can leave the room so he can get dressed and continue to keep her eyes closed she does what she’s told and closes the door, Clueless to what just happened.

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