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Grandpa can be such a pervert sometimes but he did make me feel pretty good the other day. He isn’t REALLY my grampa. Gramma is older but still pretty hot. She married a man that was half her age a few years ago. Honestly he isn’t too bad looking. I came in from shopping and he told me that I could not dress like a slut we argued a little bit and he spanked me. I knew what he really wanted to do but I wasn’t going there. I was tired so I went to my bedroom. He came in later and tried to chit chat with me but I ignored him. He complimented The way my ass looked in my sheer pink panty hose and asked if he could touch it . I told him to go ahead and get his jollies. He started getting into it like really into it and I told him to get off of me. He did only to come back a few seconds later and sit on the side of my bed he tried to look over my shoulder at my phone and then he crawled over me to the other side Stopping when he was on top of me he eventually was humping me. I told him again to stop and he asked Why I wear pantyhose. I explained it was because me and my boyfriend at the time were too young to have sex so I would let him rub his cock on my thigh gap while wearing pantyhose he asked if he could see what we did and how we did it so I took out my dildo and showed him. One thing led to another and we started having sex in all different positions I stayed fully clothed so I don’t think it counted but he did put a hole in them and eventually slipped his cock inside of me. He came all over my favorite shiny sheer pantyhose. YUCK! I guess I need a new pair!

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