Tammie Madison – Step-Daddy, did you just make me pregnant?

From: Forbidden Perversions

Daddys is resting and dreaming. She wants to be a real woman. Shes growing up, but she needs your assistance.

This erotic fantasy sees you play the role of step-daddy. You creep in on your step-daughter as she rests. You begin by caressing her young,, body. Slowly you remove her clothes and begin playing with her breasts and pussy. You notice that shes sucking her thumb, so you decide to give her something else to suck instead. One thing leads to another and before you know it, youre fucking your as she rests.

You cant help yourself, you blow your load all over her pretty, developing chest, before making a quick exit.

Your baby girl awakes, and begins to cry out for you. Step-Daddy, step-daddy! Its happened again, I woke up like THIS! You reprimand her and demand that she cleans herself up. You instruct her to push all of the sticky seed juice deep inside her. She tells you that her little body is wet and hungry, that she likes the way it feels when she touches herself. Again, she asks you to make her a woman.

Tonights the night, you decide to take her once more. Her young pussy feels so good wrapped around her daddys cock. You try a number of positions, missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, before it all becomes too much for you and you empty your second load deep inside your baby girls hole. Has step-daddy made his step-daughter pregnant? Only time will tell.

The film finishes with your baby girl spreading her pussy and ass as she fingers her hole until all of your thick, creamy cum spills out of her.

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