Daisy Haze – I am your obedient Step Mom fuckbot HD 1080p

Stepmom is in the kitchen cooking breakfast wearing sexy lingerie and high heels. Stepson will walk in and say good morning. They’ll talk for a bit, and then the stepson will make a move on his stepmom. She rejects him, and laughs in his face, saying he could never have her. She goes back to cooking while shaking her ass to tease him. The stepson pulls out a mind control device and places it on her chest from behind. Electrical signals start to go thru her brain, and she starts to lose control of her body and mind. SHe eventually turns into a mindless obedient robot. She starts to fondle his cock and balls. She says hello stepson, introduces herself as his new stepmom fuckbot, and asks how she may be of service to her new master. He asks her if he can have her now, and she says yes master, and tells him that she’s been reprogrammed to give her stepson the best fuck of his life. She’s totally under her stepson’s control and he can do anything he wants with his new toy. He has her get naked besides her heels and the device. He has her SQUAT DOWN and blow him, then he fucks her from behind while she is bent over slightly with her hands on the counter. Then he fucks her reverse cowgirl while sitting on a chair. Finally, she blows him again, he cums in her mouth and she swallows his load. She thanks him for his cum, and asks if she can be of any more service to him. He then tells her to finish licking the cum off his cock and then go back to cooking while shaking her ass and repeating a mantra, “I am your obedient stepmom fuckbot.”” She does this (and really enjoys licking the cum off his cock). He sits there watching her, loving his new situation.

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