Michele James

Addison Lee, Michele James – Struggling Step-Siblings HD 1080p

Soooooo apparently my step-sisters weren’t super thrilled when finding out I had been fucking both of them. I (Kyle Masong) actually kinda felt bad the way Michele James found out. She literally walked in while Addison Lee was slobbing my nob!! Then it got weird… It was honestly a turn on watching them show off their dick sucking skills to see who was best at it! They passed my cock back and forth until Michele finally slid me inside of her! She rode my cock so good, and I could tell Addison wanted me to fill her up next! Watch me fuck both of my slutty step-sisters TOGETHER for the first time! See them both take turns riding on my throbbing cock until I finally shoot my load deep into Addison’s pussy!!

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Top 10 Cory Chase Lesbian Scenes Compilation HD 1080p

Please enjoy this compilation of Cory Chase’s top 10 lesbian scenes!

00:00 – Bailey & Cory In Kissing My Step Daughter
03:00 – Victoria & Cory In Step Family Secret Confessions
06:00 – Melanie In Sexual Massage
09:00 – Amiee & Cory in Rain Delay
12:00 – Gabriela & Cory In Step Family Secrets
15:00 – Michele In Fun & Games
18:00 – Maya In Step Mother’s Lessons
21:00 – Britt & Cory In Horny Hostel
24:00 – Payton in Squid Games with Step Daughter – A Porn Parody
27:00 – Nikki in Step Sister is Pregnant
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Cory Chase, Michele James, Kara Lee – Kissing Cousins HD 1080p

Michele and Kara are playing truth or dare one afternoon, and they decide to ask each other some very personal questions. “Have you ever kissed a boy?” Michele asks Kara. “No!! Almost… but no!” Kara tells her. Next, Kara asks Michele if she’s ever kissed a girl; Michele shakes her head no. “I think kissing a girl would be weird!” Michele tells her. But Kara has another idea in mind… she is interested in experimenting so she can be prepared for her real first kiss. Michele agrees to practice kissing with her cousin, but both girls are confused as to how to kiss another person. At first, they give each other a quick peck on the lips… but that doesn’t seem right. Next, they both stick their tongue’s out without their lips touching, and that doesn’t seem right either. “I think we should ask Aunt Cory! She’s been around!” Kara suggests.

They call Aunt Cory in to the bedroom, and they show her how they’ve been practicing… “What was that?! That’s not exactly how you do it…” Cory tells them. Cory kisses Michele first… gently with a small amount of tongue; Kara watches and tries to pay attention and learn how to kiss! After Cory kisses Michele, Cory asks the girls what she was doing to Michele that Michele was not doing back. The girls realize that Cory was touching Michele’s body but Michele wasn’t touching Cory back! “Explore my body the way that I was exploring yours!” Cory tells the girls. Next, it is Kara’s turn to kiss her aunt and learn how to make out! Aunt Cory decides to also show the girls how to bite someone’s lip and also suck on someone’s lip while kissing. Now the time has come for Michele and Kara to kiss each other and see if they have truly learned how to kiss a girl! “My work here is done…” Cory says, as she leaves the two girls alone to keep practicing!
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Cory Chase, Michele James – Let’s Play a Game HD 1080p

From: Hot Milf and Taboo Fetishes!

Sister – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Lesbian, Big tits

“Do you want to play a game with me?” Cory asks her step-sister Michele. A smile of delight passes over Michele’s face. “Are you willing do do anything?” Cory asks with a evil giggle. Michele agrees and Cory turns the board around. Listed are sexual acts that Michele will have to preform when she rolls the dice.

A flush of hot lust rushes through Michele as she rolls the dice. The horny sisters strip each other, passionately pressing their lips together. One more roll of the dice and Michele’s head is pulled down onto her sisters pussy. Her tongue licks the warm pussy lips and quivering clit and she thinks it’s all ok because the dice told her to do it.

Cory returns the pussy licking. With a seductive smile she goes down on her step-sister, enjoying the soft moans of Michele’s body. They roll the dice again and they kiss barely able to control themselves.

They finally roll a 5 and clap with joy as Michele gets on all fours and Cory licks her sensitive ass. It feels so fucking good as she turns around and dives in between Cory’s perfect ass cheeks. Now for the luckiest roll of all. They lace their legs together and grind on each other, fucking hard. Their pussies rubbing against on another until they cum like two horny sluts.
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Cory Chase, Addison Lee, Michele James – Kissing Family HD 1080p

Mother – Daughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Girl, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, Role Play, Lesbian, Girl on girl, Threesome

Sisters Addison and Michele do everything together. As they get older they realize how sheltered they are when it comes to sex. Curious about using vibrators to masturbate, they borrowed from their step-mom’s special drawer and slide into some of step-mom’s lingerie. After watching porn to get the idea the girls try to figure out how to be women.

Just then step-mom walks into the room with a smile. “What are you doing girls?” She asks knowing how hopeless her daughters are when it comes to sex. “How do we use these?” The girls ask. Cory shows them how to turn on the vibrators and use them. She has the girls take off their panties and spread their legs as she presses the warm plastic on their sensitive clits. “That feels weird” Michele smiles shyly.

“I should punish you for stealing my things” Cory says becoming angry at them stealing. She rubs the vibrators hard an makes her girls moan like the little horny thieves they are. She grabs the back of their heads and makes them kiss each other. They’re so freaked out that they do as step-mom tells them, kissing her with their tongues and worshiping her big tits.

Cory uses the vibrator on herself now, gushing with pleasure as her step-daughter’s kiss her and make her cum so fucking hard. “Will you do that to me?” Michele says with hope in her nervous voice. Step-Mom dominates her girls, teasing them and making them both cum more than they ever have before in their sheltered lives.
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Cory Chase, Michele James in Free Use Family – My Sister HD 720p

From: Bare Back Studios

Category: Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Brunette, Hairy Bush, POV, Caught in the act

Scene One: Daddy neglects me

My sister Michele comes into my room to vent. Dad has been ignoring her lately and she doesn’t know what she did. She explains that in this family they have a special relationship with each other. “Whenever you’re feeling horny we can play. It’s normal we do this all the time” She says to me.

“I don’t understand…” I tell her. She takes off her top and shows me her big tits. “You’re ok, do you want to touch them?” She smiles at me. “You can do this anytime you want to. Nothing to be afraid of” I can feel myself getting hard and she notices my boner. Reaching down she tells me that this is normal as she strokes my dick and puts me in her warm loving mouth. She teases me and makes me see stars in my eyes. “Just put it all in my mouth and I will swallow it, ok?” She says and milks me dry. I’m shaking with new emotions as she leaves me to get dressed and clean up.

Scene Two: Spying on my sister

Alone in her room Michele puts on a sexy pair of pink panties and bra. It makes her feel so slutty and hot. She lays on top of her bed and touches herself telling herself how she jerked off her younger brother. Just hearing her utter the words aloud makes her shutter with pleasure. I watch everything from the doorway unable to look away from my hot sister. “You don’t have to spy anymore” she tells me.

I’ve peaked through her open door for years, but this is the first time she calls me into her bedroom. “You can help” She whispers. With a smile she pulls down my shorts and puts my dick in her mouth. She’s so happy to be with me, to teach me how to be a man. Sliding off her tight lacy panties she guides me inside of her and shows me how amazing sex can be. “Whenever you’re ready” She says and tightens her pussy around me. I feel myself shooting into her warm body and coat her insides with cum.

Scene Three: Mom walks in

“Nothing to worry about, put it in” Michele says to me. She snuck into my room to fuck me and laying naked on my bed I want nothing more. “But mom and dad will hear” I tell her. She just smiles and guides me inside of her. “I told you it’s ok” Michele says.

As I’m fucking her our mom overhears and walks into the room. I back up to leave but mom tells me to stay. “Why don’t you stick it into your sisters pretty pink pussy.” She whispers. Michele gets on top of me and rides me while mom rubs her pussy. With mom guiding us we have best fuck yet, shooting my hot load all over my sisters big tits and her warm pussy cumming on my cock.

Scene Four: Cum on my bush

Mom on daughter are on the bed in their cutest lingerie. “Have the two of you fucked on my bed yet?” She asks us. We tell her no and she’s happy to witness the first time we fuck on the big bed. Michele reaches over and grabs me. “Let’s give your little brother a bit of a show” Mom suggests.

She strips Michele out of her clothes and exposes her hot body to me. Spreading her legs and hot pussy for me to fuck. So warm, inviting and loving is her embrace that I never want to be without them. Her warm mouth around my cock, mom’s loving hands all over my body. I’m in family heaven. Fucking my big sister, making her cum again and again. I cum all over her fluffy bush and they kiss bringing me officially into the family.
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Michele James in Brother and Sister Games HD 1080p

From: Jerky Wives

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, POV, BIG TITS, MUSCULAR WOMEN, HAIRY BUSH, FUCKING, BLOWJOB, Brunette, MILF, Eye Glasses

Scene One: Truth Or Dare

Brother and Sister are on the couch when they decide to play Truth or dare. A few truths are told about their sex life, when the sister dares the brother to strip to his underwear. The brother dares her right back. She dares him to get naked. He dares her the same but she says no way. Fine double dare time, give me a blowjob. The sister is disgusted and says no. Can’t back out of a double dare the brother says and forces her to give him a blowjob. He strips off her bra, then cums on her face. I dare you to keep that on your face all day. She looks pissed but does not wipe it off.

Scene Two: Playing Doctor

Sister has a head ache and is laying on the couch. Brother comes in and asks whats wrong. He asks if she remembers when they used to play doctor? He decides to feel her forehead and puts a thermometer in her mouth. He then pulls up her shirt and listens to her heart. He takes off her bra to listen more closely, as he rests his hand on her boob she lets out a little moan. The problem is that your ticklish! He tickles her and pulls off her pants rubbing her pussy. He laughter quickly turns to moans He then fucks her. She lays on the couch exhausted, but at least her head ache is gone.

Scene Three: Dress Up Games

Sister can’t figure out what to ware for her date tonight. She asks her brother for help. After picking out the dress she asks him what underwear she should wear. She models a couple of pairs, until she puts on a pair of sexy panties. I wonder if these even work? She pulls off her brothers pants and fucks him before her date.

Scene Four: Phone Games

Sister and brother are watching TV when she gets a text message. The brother snatches it out of her hand and reads the message. She fights to get it back and they both start to pull each others cloths off. The Brother is much stronger and wins by fucking her on the ground. He cums on her face again and gives her back the phone. Still laying on the ground she starts texting back.
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Michele James – Schoolgirl Squirts on Cop 4K

From: Amateur Boxxx

Michele is waiting for the bus to her college biology class. The bus is running late and she has to use the bathroom. She decides since no one is around she will just pee at the bus stop. Just as she is about to go, a cop surprises her and decides to search her. He goes through her bag and finds a vibrator. The police man decides to have some fun with her. The officer makes a deal with her that he won?t haul her ass to jail for disorderly conduct if he can film her playing with herself at the bus stop. She happily agrees and squirts on him while she uses the vibrator to orgasm.

Keywords: leo, michele james.
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Michele James – Johnny Controls Soldiers Wife With Mind Stone – 4K

From: Amateur Boxxx

Lieutenant Johnny is home from the war. He did his duty in the jungles of Asia and made it out alive. He still has possession of the Mind Control Stone, Conscience. Once he got home, the first thing he did was visit the the wife of one of the soldiers that screwed him over, Michele James. Unfortunately, Michele’s husband went missing while in the jungle and did not return to the base camp. The jungle changes you, and so does the Mind Stone. Michele doesn’t know that Johnny used the Mind Stone on her husband so he would not return. Johnny had seen a picture of Michele in her husbands wallet. Right then he knew he had to have her. Michele’s busty tits, flawless skin, long brown hair and firm body… so perfect. Johnny breaks the news to Michele that her husband is MIA. Using the stone to put her under a special entrancement state, he gets the blow job he always wanted and blows his load all over her perfect tits.

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