Cory Chase, Addison Lee, Michele James – Kissing Family HD 1080p

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Sisters Addison and Michele do everything together. As they get older they realize how sheltered they are when it comes to sex. Curious about using vibrators to masturbate, they borrowed from their step-mom’s special drawer and slide into some of step-mom’s lingerie. After watching porn to get the idea the girls try to figure out how to be women.

Just then step-mom walks into the room with a smile. “What are you doing girls?” She asks knowing how hopeless her daughters are when it comes to sex. “How do we use these?” The girls ask. Cory shows them how to turn on the vibrators and use them. She has the girls take off their panties and spread their legs as she presses the warm plastic on their sensitive clits. “That feels weird” Michele smiles shyly.

“I should punish you for stealing my things” Cory says becoming angry at them stealing. She rubs the vibrators hard an makes her girls moan like the little horny thieves they are. She grabs the back of their heads and makes them kiss each other. They’re so freaked out that they do as step-mom tells them, kissing her with their tongues and worshiping her big tits.

Cory uses the vibrator on herself now, gushing with pleasure as her step-daughter’s kiss her and make her cum so fucking hard. “Will you do that to me?” Michele says with hope in her nervous voice. Step-Mom dominates her girls, teasing them and making them both cum more than they ever have before in their sheltered lives.

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