Melody Fire

ImMeganLive – CUMPILATION ON TITS Vol 2 HD 1080p

This is CUMPILATION ON TITS Vol. 2, a compilation of the best cumshots on my big tits from some my best sellers. Only the good stuff, 45 seconds cuts, few seconds before the cumshot as it’s about to cum, the whole cumshot and the few seconds following seconds to contemplate the beauty of the huge amount laying on my tits. It’s a mixed of different cumshots from clothed and topless titfy fucks along with different scenes ending with cumming on tits. Lots of dirty talk as well. You will find a mix of cumshots from real cocks and squirting dildos. Many collabs with my friends including Melody Fire, Milan, Coco Vandi, Kyle Balls from Wca Productions, Lacey Bloom and Clara Dee.

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Melody Fire, ImMeganLive – CUM BETWEEN OUR TITS HD 1080p

You’re a tit guy right! We knew that right away when we noticed your cock growing exponentially just by looking at the two big set of tits right in front of you! What’s going to happen here? Well, it’s pretty simple, your dream will come true! We’ll remove each other bras, play and oil our boobs, kiss each other while grabbing them and suck our nipples! Since we couldn’t resist your cock, we’re going to let you slide your big cock between our four enormous tits simultaneously and cum a hugeeeee load between them! You lucky bastard!

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I woke up one morning and I remembered what my dream was. It was a fucked up dream! I dreamt that I was watching my friend having his dick sucked by his sister! Wtf! As twisted as it was, I found myself pretty wet down there lol! My friend’s birthday was coming up the following week. I really had to make this happen, but there is NO way they would both agree to that! So, I kind of thought that maybe, if they didn’t actually see each other… that could work! I’m a genius! Lol… The fact that they are both my very good friends and that they are both very open minded really helped! I told him that I wanted to give him a double blowjob with one of my girlfriend, but it was a surprise and it would be pretty exciting if he wouldn’t see anything, just feel it! He agreed! Who wouldn’t lol! Half of my twisted plan was in place! I told his sister that one of my friend was coming down from another state had his birthday and I needed a friend to help me out with a double blowjob, that it was his first blowjob and it was my gift to him. That he would also be blindfolded. She loved the idea and was pretty thrilled! YES! This is going to happen! And it did happen! I filmed it in two different views and that is what you are going to watch! THAT WAS HOTTTT! I didn’t get caught until after he came…grrrrrr. I asked both of them not to talk so they couldn’t identify each other. He couldn’t help himself to tell us how good it was! They were kind both mad at me Sad But my little twisted plan was SOOOOO WORTH IT! Slurp! aha!

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