Lacey Bloom

ImMeganLive – CUMPILATION ON TITS Vol 2 HD 1080p

This is CUMPILATION ON TITS Vol. 2, a compilation of the best cumshots on my big tits from some my best sellers. Only the good stuff, 45 seconds cuts, few seconds before the cumshot as it’s about to cum, the whole cumshot and the few seconds following seconds to contemplate the beauty of the huge amount laying on my tits. It’s a mixed of different cumshots from clothed and topless titfy fucks along with different scenes ending with cumming on tits. Lots of dirty talk as well. You will find a mix of cumshots from real cocks and squirting dildos. Many collabs with my friends including Melody Fire, Milan, Coco Vandi, Kyle Balls from Wca Productions, Lacey Bloom and Clara Dee.

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ImMeganLive, Clara Dee, Lacey Bloom – SPERM CLINIC – COMPLETE COLLECTION HD 1080p

The Sperm Clinic Facial Treatment is a very unique clinic where you can get a sperm facial treatment. Every single donor has been chosen based on the highest standard and sperm quality. It cleanse your skin, reduce stress and prevents aging. This complete series includes all 6 espiodes which were amongs my best sellers! You can expect out of this world stories, blowjob, handjob a bit of titty fucking and huge facials then cum play to apply the facial treatment. ImMeganLive, Clara Dee and Lacey Bloom are getting cummed on their pretty faces! Over an hour and a half of content and 6 huge loads! Get ready for the time of your life.

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Y’all know how our Sperm Clinic works with this 3rd edition now, we guarantee that every facial treatment received will be with the very best sperm concentration there is. Today, as the manager of the clinic, one of our client (Lacey Bloom) came by my office to file a complaint. She wasn’t too happy with the previous treatment she got unfortunately. She said that the man who gave her the cum couldn’t give her a good facial. So I told her that since she’s a good client ours, we’re going to give her a free treatment from a new guy that has started working at the clinic. So I call the new guy in my office, the second he comes in, she goes straight on her knees, pull down his pants and starts sucking him … IN MY office! I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was stunned. Once I’ve realized that she’s not going to stop until she gets her treatment and since she’s a very good client of our clinic, I’ve decided to help her and join her. This would really turn the new guy on and build a bigger load for her treatment. We’ve added lots of dirty talk, lots of blowjob, deepthroat, balls licking and even a little titfucking with our big titties! She left a VERY happy client once she received a big load on her face and glasses. There was even enough for me to get one at the same time 

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