Katie Cummings

Katie Cummings – Classics MILF 1420 – Freezing Females, Doll Sex – Katie and Nito Dolls

Devious genius Dr Geppetto is back. This time his client is an Arab sheik who wants a pair of American-style robot-dolls that will perform sex-acts on each other for his voyeuristic amusement. From responses to a phony modeling ad he put out, Geppetto is easily able to find two ideal candidates for special nano-transformation into the necessary dolls. The unsuspecting, soon-to-be-victims, are a young and attractive couple – Katie and her boyfriend Nito. At his home, Geppetto turns on all the charm while pretending to interview the pair about the modeling job. He then offers them a drink for refreshment. Like a former victim of Geppetto’s, they believe he refers to a Nana Smoothie. However, as soon as they take their first sip, they realize that it is something else. Seeing Katie’s and Nito’s surprise, Geppetto casually and good-naturedly informs them that they have actually tasted of a NANO smoothie instead. Its name comes from the nanobots it contains. Already these minute robots are taking over their bodies and minds – changing the couple’s natures from within. Confused, alarmed, feeling they are in the presence of a mad-man, Katie and Nito try to flee from the house. They manage only a few steps before their bodies completely cease up on them. Within seconds they cannot even speak. They have become as still and as unthinking as statues. Geppetto expected as much. As calm as ever, he takes out a device by which he can control the newly enslaved couple. He spends a long time running tests with it – refining its algorithms. Both human dolls – Katie in particular – are made to walk around and assume different poses. Their movements have an almost mechanical stiffness. Sometimes Geppetto hits a freeze button that instantly stops them mid-act. Presently, he leads the couple into a bedroom. Katie’s outfit has been changed to stockings, skimpy underwear, and a see-through top. Her face is made up so to give her a doll-like look. Nito wears nothing but a pair of underpants. Geppetto gets Katie to kneel and Nito to stand in front of her. A long test of Katie’s blowjob skills ensue. He makes sure she is able to vary things – to suck hard or lick gently, to focus on the cock-tip or deep throat down to the balls. Her head bobs with vigor as she asserts herself on the rigid and motionless Nito. Then Geppetto freezes Katie and puts Nito in charge. The young man takes hold of Katie’s unmoving head and thrusts his hips forward – fucking his cock between her parted lips. To study the dolls’ performances more closely, Geppetto freezes them several more times. He is very pleased to see the perfect obedience of Katie as she keeps her mouth stuffed full of her boyfriend’s meat. Following these tests, Geppetto decides to let the full sex commence. He runs Katie and Nito through a score of positions – including missionary, doggy, cowgirl, standing-missionary, and side-on. He even has them repeat some of them as he makes checks and double-checks. He gets Katie to perform hot little acts such as fondling her tits and talking dirty. Her words come out slightly stilted, as though spoken by a robot. Geppetto also continues to randomly freeze one or other of the couple. On occasion he has Katie stay still while Nito is instructed to go all out – fucking his girlfriend’s pussy with hard, rhythmic strokes from behind, on top, beneath. Other times it is Katie who does the work. In her nano-doll state, she displays a wanton sexpertise that would leave her former self ashamed. With almost liquid movement, she grinds her hips and works her pussy up and down on Nito’s poised cock. Finally, Geppetto wants to make sure that the algorithm for Nito shooting his load is correct. He has Katie lie on her back with her face presented as a target. Nino then succeeds in jerking out a load of hot creamy cum that coats Katie’s lips and chin. Geppetto is delighted. He feels that the couple have given a perfect performance. His sheik client will love them. Smiling, he tidies Katie’s fuck-disheveled appearance, and puts both her and Nito into suspended animation. The good couple will never know of their fate – of becoming mindless, robotic sex-performers in a distant land.

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Sasha Foxxx, Katie Cummings – Babysitter Katie Cummings Homewrecking Footjob

Katie Cummings is Jerry and his wife Sasha’s babysitter. Jerry is back from his work out and is lying back when Katie comes in and hops on the chair next to him. Katie stretches her pantyhose clad legs over his lap and asks for a raise. Jerry does not think it will be a good idea and says he will need to ask his wife. Katie does not think he needs to do that and begins to rub her foot on his crotch. Jerry begins to choke up and Katie knows she has him wrapped around her finger. Katie pulls down Jerry’s pants and begins to give Jerry a footjob. Katie strokes Jerry’s cock with her feet and continues to ask for a raise. All of a sudden Jerry’s wife comes in and Jerry try’s to get up but Katie contiues to stroke. Luckily for Jerry his wife is to preoccupied looking at the bills to know her husband is getting his cocked jerked with the babysitters feet. Sasha continues to read the bills and complains about there fiances. Katie continues to ask for a raise and can feel Jerry’s cock about to explode. Before Katie allows Jerry to cum she demands he agrees to the raise. Jerry cant resit cumming from Katie’s silky soles and says yes. Jerry cums and Sasha immediately drops the mail when she hears her husband agreeing to giving the babysitter a raise. Sasha looks down and sees the cummy mess on Katie’s feet. Sasha is livid and lets her loser husband know its over. Katie accepts her raise and leaves Jerry with broken home.

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Katie Cummings – SEXY SECRET SANTA HD 1080p

It’s that time of year again where the holiday spirit is alive and families are getting together for festivities and gift exchanges. Katie and her step brother are at their family party and sit down for a quick chat by the Christmas tree while everyone is in the kitchen. He pulls out a gift and tells her he was her secret Santa this year. Katie laughs as she pulls out a gift from behind tree and gives it to her step bro, she was his secret Santa!! As they both open their gifts they realize why each other waited to give each other these gifts while no family was around, they both bought each other very naughty gifts. He got her a panty vibrator and she got him a vibrating cock ring. They decide to go upstairs and test them out. Katie goes first, places her pantry vibrator between her legs as her step bro takes control using an app. She starts moaning and squirming uncontrollably and within minutes has an orgasm. Nito is excited and wants to try out his gift so Katie offers to help him out. She puts the ring on his cock, sets the controls and lets him slide his hard cock in her pussy. With every vibrating thrust, Katie and her step brother come closer to an incredible climax. Step sis bounces her big fat ass on her step bro’s cock until she cums a second time, deep breathe as she twitches and can’t believe how good her step bro feels inside her. Now on her side, step brother fucks her til he explodes a big load on her belly. Secret Santa was a huge success this year, a holiday season neither will ever forget.

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Sasha Foxxx, Katie Cummings – Sasha And Katie Blackmail Step-Brother With Footjob HD 720p

From: Bratty Babes Own You

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters, POV

Katie and her step-sister Sasha were going through there little brothers tablet and seen a bunch of foot porn. The bratty sisters are shocked and cant help but to laugh at the loser. The sisters come up with an idea and use this to there advantage. The sisters confront there step-brother and make him take off his pants. The sisters let him know about all the foot pron they found and unless he does all there chores there gonna tell everyone. Sasha then glides her foot across her brothers cock and sees how hard it gets. The step-sister now know for sure hes a foot freak and can really get with they want. Sasha begins to give her step-brother a footjob . The sisters now with complete control of his cock know they can get even more out of him. Sasha strokes his cock with her nylon soles and Katie assist by sticking her nylon soles in his face. Finally after the step-brother agrees to the sisters demands Sasha allows him to cum all over her feet. Sasha shows her bother the cummy mess he has made to further humiliate him.
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Katie Cummings – STEAMY SHOWER HD 1080p

Katie and her roommate are late for their girl’s night out. Her roommate’s boyfriend Nito is in the shower and she needs to take a bath. Instead of waiting any longer she walks in the bathroom and asks Nito if she could bathe while he showers. I mean what’s the problem, they’re both adults right? Nito is a bit reluctant because of his girlfriend, but tells her it’s ok. Katie undresses and starts filling bathtub with hot water. Nito can’t keep his eyes off of her naked body. The water sliding down her fat ass and the way she rubs her tits gets him hard in no time. He begins to jerk off quietly, but is caught by Katie easily. She’s surprised to see him so erect because of her and offers to take care of his boner. She suggests they have a quickie since Nito is hard and ready and his girlfriend is still doing her make up in other room. Katie quickly jumps in shower with Nito and immediately stuffs her mouth with his hard cock. Her warm mouth and sexy lips around his cock feel so good, she’s so much sexier than his girlfriend, he has always wondered what it’d feel like being inside her. After some sloppy wet head, Nito turns her over and puts those juicy tits on the glass as he begins to ram her from behind. Her big ass clapping with every stroke her moans get louder and louder. Hot water and sex make the shower steamy as he continues to pound her beautiful butt. Water is flying everywhere and Nito can’t contain himself much longer, he explodes on Katie’s pretty face as she takes his load enjoying every drop. Katie is such a slut, first load of girl’s night out and hasn’t even left the house yet. Now that’s what you call a hot shower.
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