Katie Cummings

Katie Cummings – EASTER EGGS HD 1080p

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It’s Easter weekend and horny stepmom Katie has figured out a sexy way to get to know her stepson better. Her hubby is out of town on a last minute business trip and they have the house all to themselves. Nito is about to head out and meet up with some friends when he bumps into his stepmom in the kitchen wearing nothing but a sexy bikini and peep ears. His hot stepmom has a game she wants to play before he leaves. She has filled Easter eggs with truth or dare questions instead of candy. How clever and mischievous. Nito is caught off guard, but is up for the challenge and agrees to play. A couple of steamy truth questions are followed by some naughty dares and in no time sexy milf Katie has her stepson’s hard cock in her mouth. Her game worked to perfection as he fucks her pretty little mouth. She’s been wanting to fuck her stepson for a while now and everything worked out perfectly this weekend. They then proceed to the living room where Nito rams his dick in his mommy’s wet pussy. She’s bent over a leather chair as her tits jiggle with every stroke. Stepmom Katie takes charge as she sits him on the chair and begins riding him moaning louder with every drop on his cock. She also shows her flexibility when she places herself half back on the floor and legs up in the air and let’s her stepson fuck her from above. Nito finishes off by exploding on his stepmom’s sweet big ass. Katie is left satisfied and drenched in cum as she did an amazing job draining her stepson’s Easter eggs. She’s one happy Easter Hunny.
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Katie Cummings – Cardio HD 1080p

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Katie asks her stepbrother for some help working out. He has a new at home gym set up she’s been looking forward to trying out. They begin with some light stretching and warm up exercises. Katie’s big tits and juicy booty can barely stay inside her workout gear. Her step bro can’t contain his erection as he stares at his step sister throughout every set. Katie is now leaned over the bench with her big ass in the air doing some reps for her back, Nito can’t hold off any longer and leans in to her behind so she could feel his hard cock through his shorts. Katie is surprised to feel her stepbrother’s erection and is a little intrigued. With all the pumping and sweating going on, maybe a new exercise can intensify the workout. Nito removes his stepsister’s shorts and begins hammering her from behind. Adrenaline is pumping in their veins as his cock pumps in and out of her wet pussy. After a couple minutes of doggy on the bench, Katie turns over to taste her pussy. Sloppy dick sucking is followed by some more pounding on the bench. Katie spreads her legs wide to show her flexibility as her step bro fucks her from the front. She moans louder as his cock slides in and out of her pretty pussy. Nito lays on the bench as Katie takes over and starts bouncing that fat ass on his cock. She cums all over his cock and let’s her stepbrother’s dick slide out of her one last time before wrapping her hands around it and jerking it til he explodes all over her sweet tits. Amazing workout, full of weights and sex cardio, both end up drained and ready for a shower. Not bad for a first workout session.
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Katie Cummings – I Blew My XXXmas Tree HD 1080p

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Katie comes home from a party to find a strange tree in her living room. There is a note from Mrs. Claus that reads “Katie, I know you’ve been working hard so here’s a live 420 cock tree as an early Xmas present.” It tells her to follow the directions carefully and enjoy (wink wink). Katie plugs in the tree and it lights up. She then lights the blunt and as instructed removes and replaces it. Katie watches in amazement as her tree smokes the blunt with her. The note then tells her to water the tree’s trunk. She holds a glass of water to the tree’s branch but it doesn’t respond. Katie notices it looks like a cock and she loves to suck dick so she puts it in her mouth. As she sucks on the tree’s trunk it begins to grow. Soon the tree comes to live and says “Merry Christmas” The cock tree thanks Katie for sucking his trunk and says he has a creamy treat for her. She helps him off with the lights and has him sit down so she gone deep throat his thick cock like staff. Katie takes her new present balls deep and then titty fucks him with her big natural boobs. She sucks her creamy treat out of her cock tree and swallows it with a smile. Thank you Mrs. Claus…
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Katie Cummings – NURSE KATIE: PLAN B HD 1080p

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Nito is at the hospital, donating. Nurse Katie asks him if he wants to volunteer as a sperm donor as well, as they’re short on donors. Nito declines, but nurse Katie has a plan B. She offers him a cup of coffee, and soon he starts feeling sleepy. Nurse Katie says he’s probably dizzy from donating, and suggests he takes a bit of a rest in one of the rooms. As soon as he’s out, nurse Katie sees her chance, and sneaks into the room, carefully taking off his clothes. She proceeds to give him a handjob, while making sure he doesn’t wake up. As he finally awakens, it’s too late as nurse Katie is about to put him over the finish line, letting him shoot his cum and collecting it afterwards. Nurse Katie really is dedicated!
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Katie Cummings – THE NEW GIRL NEXT DOOR HD 1080p

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Katie just broke up with her boyfriend and has moved out into a new building looking for a new start. Nito notices Katie moving in and offers to help, he feels bad because elevator is broken and she’s moving boxes all be herself, plus she’s a hot new neighbor. He places the last box on kitchen counter and they begin to chat for a little bit, Katie is very very grateful for his help and asks what she can do to repay him. Nito simply replied no repayment needed, but newly single and horny slut Katie insists. She gets closer and offers to pay him for his time with a blow job and is on her knees with his cock in her mouth in no time. Nito’s hard cock slams into the back of Katie’s throat, he can’t believe this is happening. He squeezes her big tits before bending her over kitchen table and tearing her up from behind. His cock slides in and out of her wet pussy as loud clapping sound is made with her fat ass. They move to couch as Katie takes over and rides Nito’s cock both ways til she empties out his sack. He explodes his load all over her juicy tits and floor. Wow what a great thank you from slut Katie and awesome housewarming gift from Nito.
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Katie Cummings – SNEAKING IN HD 1080p (2022)

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Katie stumbles home after a night out on the town. It’s past her curfew so she tries to sneak into her house without anyone seeing her. To her surprise, her stepbrother Nito is awake watching tv. Her understanding and caring stepbrother offers to keep her secret and not tell the parents. But at a price of course! He tells Katie to do his laundry for the next week and her secret is safe, but Katie wants nothing to do with his laundry and throws out showing her tits instead. Nito contemplates her offer, but doesn’t see it as enough to keep her secret and counters with a sexy dance from his step sis instead. Katie agrees to the sexy dance. She gets on her feet and does a sexy and seductive dance for her bro. Nito enjoys the dance very much and is erect in no time. He changes his mind and now tells his step sis to take care of his boner for his silence. Katie is reluctant at first, but decides his silence is worth it. She takes his sweats off and starts stroking his cock. Up and down she strokes gently with her hands and then with her pretty little mouth. She never thought her step bros cock could taste so good. Now she has her pussy lips around Nito’s cock as she rides him and moans for more. He bends her over on the couch and smashes his step sister from behind before busting a big nut in her warm pussy. Katie is left stuffed with cum as the night ends, maybe she’ll think twice next time she decides to break curfew.
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Katie Cummings – MORNING COFFEE & DICK HD 1080p (2022)

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Stepmom Katie is enjoying her morning coffee in her new kitchen wearing a sexy short bathrobe. Her and her hubby just moved into a new home and have allowed her stepson to move in as well. Talking to herself, she wonders why she’s always so horny first thing in the mornings. In walks her stepson Nito and sits on the table to finish some homework before classes in a couple hours. Katie offers to make him breakfast and begins looking for some cookware. Nito can’t keep his eyes off his sexy stepmom as she looks for stuff around the kitchen. Her big butt peaking underneath her robe as she reaches in the top cabinets and then her juicy tits popping out when she looks in the lower cabinets. Could she be doing this on purpose? He can’t help it any longer and decides to make his move. He goes up to his step mom and starts caressing her big butt. Katie is startled and pushes him off. Her husband is upstairs in the shower and will be furious if he saw what was going on. Nito again gently massages his stepmom’s big booty and now she’s a little more accepting. After all she is really horny and would love some young dick. It needs to be a quickie though if they plan not to get caught. Nito bends her over the counter as she moans when his erect cock slides into her wet pussy. He pounds her from behind ramming every inch of his cock inside of her. He then lays on the kitchen floor as she squats and sits on his cock. That young dick feels so good in her warm pussy, she can’t get enough as she shows him her riding skills. They move the action to the couch as she continues to ride his cock, this milf still has some moves and is ready to show them off. Nito puts his stepmom on her side and takes over the fucking, her juicy pussy lips caressing his cock with every stroke. He explodes all over her big ass right before his father gets out of the shower. I think it’s safe to say Katie has a solution to her morning hornyness, coffee and her stepsons dick make a perfect combination.
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