Katie Cummings – SEXY SECRET SANTA HD 1080p

It’s that time of year again where the holiday spirit is alive and families are getting together for festivities and gift exchanges. Katie and her step brother are at their family party and sit down for a quick chat by the Christmas tree while everyone is in the kitchen. He pulls out a gift and tells her he was her secret Santa this year. Katie laughs as she pulls out a gift from behind tree and gives it to her step bro, she was his secret Santa!! As they both open their gifts they realize why each other waited to give each other these gifts while no family was around, they both bought each other very naughty gifts. He got her a panty vibrator and she got him a vibrating cock ring. They decide to go upstairs and test them out. Katie goes first, places her pantry vibrator between her legs as her step bro takes control using an app. She starts moaning and squirming uncontrollably and within minutes has an orgasm. Nito is excited and wants to try out his gift so Katie offers to help him out. She puts the ring on his cock, sets the controls and lets him slide his hard cock in her pussy. With every vibrating thrust, Katie and her step brother come closer to an incredible climax. Step sis bounces her big fat ass on her step bro’s cock until she cums a second time, deep breathe as she twitches and can’t believe how good her step bro feels inside her. Now on her side, step brother fucks her til he explodes a big load on her belly. Secret Santa was a huge success this year, a holiday season neither will ever forget.

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