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You have been away for a year ,and today, your whole family has gathered at your moms house to welcome you back for the weekend. You have brought your girlfriend to meet your parents but when you arrive, your mom is nowhere to be seen. You go upstairs in search for her and find her in her just top and panties, getting ready to see you. When she turns around and you are standing there, she is so excited that her boy is finally home… You have especially missed fucking your mother and you both quickly realise that you have a short while to rekindle the spark you shared before you left. You kiss and your mom is touching your cock through your trousers when she asks if you have a condom. You don’t! She is initially worried, but decides it doesn’t matter, you’ve just got to be so quick before somebody comes and catches you together. Your mom gets on top and rides you. You have missed her body so much. Her pussy feels so fucking good inside of her, raw with no condom, feeling your moms pussy for the first time properly! She fucks you reverse cowgirl and you get an amazing view of her tight asshole. She tries to stop herself from moaning so loud, but can’t help it, she hasn’t felt her sons dick inside of her for so long! before you left, you were at it like rabbits and you’ve both longed for the intimacy of being together one more time. Your girlfriend is just downstairs and you are balls deep inside your mother upstairs. She cums all over your cock and you can actually feel it properly! It feels incredible! You then become worried about cumming inside of her, but she tells you its ok.. and is it wrong that she now WANTS to get pregnant by you?! Fucking with no protection is so much better when you do it with your mother, isn’t it? Wink

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