Sydney Harwin – A Teacher And Student Story HD 1080p

Blackmail Fantasy Impregnation Fantasy POV Taboo Teacher Fetish British

*RUNNING TIME- 1 HOUR 23 MINUTES. THIS FILM CONTAINS 13 SEPARATE SCENES, INCLUDING 4 SEX SCENES AND A BLOWJOB AND CUM IN MOUTH SCENE* Alrighty then boys.. so I KNOW I’ve said this before (more than once!) but this REALLY, REALLY, REALLY IS my biggest project to date.. not exactly the longest (that would be my “Mommy And Son- LOCKED IN” video) but as far as complex scenes goes, this probably took me the longest to film and edit! This was a custom request and my first ever full length feature that is not a family themed video. I really enjoyed making this for you all to enjoy, and I’ll just give you a brief run though of the storyline- I play your teacher who is a little surprised to see you standing on my doorstep one afternoon. You kinda invite yourself in and I make you a coffee. You tell me you are here because you’ve been struggling a bit with the English coursework I’ve set you, so I try to help you out. You make me feel uneasy, but I ignore it.. then you come out with something.. something that leaves me speechless… you’ve found my secret porn account online. Yes.. your teacher is a sex worker and holy FUCK you’ve seen her naked! You laugh, telling her that you’ll show the whole school and all the other teachers… unless she agrees to every single term you set out. You don’t just wanna wank over your pretty teacher, you wanna FUCK your pretty teacher.. and you wanna cum inside of her wet little pussy even though she begs you not to because shes trying to get pregnant with her husband!.. this story is based on blackmail and humiliation, but during the course of this film, your teacher succumbs to your intimidation, finding herself a little more than turned on by your bully power. CONTAINS BLACKMAIL, POV SEX, POV BLOWJOB, TEACHER FETISH, IMPREGNATION FANTASY, ETC.

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