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Watch as I’m your girlfriend and am about to help train your stamina during sex. I’m kneeling on the bed, excited to have sex with you but I tell you that I know how embarrassed you get when you cum fast when we fuck. Despite how much I tell you that I love the way you fuck me and how good you make me feel, I can tell that you still get anxious and preoccupied by your premature ejaculation. It is then that I tell you I’m going to train you to increase your stamina. We start out in missionary and and I tell you to stay in the moment with me. I’m very sweet and encouraging and I tell you to focus on how good my pussy feels and how you don’t want to stop anytime soon. I talk dirty, yet sexy about how good it feels having you fuck me and how much I love your cock. After several minutes I tell you that your cock is starting to feel really swollen and I ask if you’re about to cum, to which you reply YES. I tell you to slow down and even stop if you need to but don’t pull out of my pussy. I tell you that this is the longest you’ve ever lasted! I knew you could do it! I continue to encourage you and I tell you to continue to thrust into me once again. You continue to fuck me until I tell you that I’m really going to test your stamina by getting on top and riding your cock. I know you feel vulnerable when I’m on top because you feel like you have even less control but I believe in you because you’ve been fucking me so perfectly thus far. I ride your cock in reverse cowgirl (visible penetration) and it feels so good I start to moan even louder. I tell you how incredible it feels to be fucking for so long and that this is the best sex we’e ever had! I tell you that I’m SO close to cumming and if you can hold out a little longer we can cum together. I keep riding until I start to have a wild, intense, very vocal orgasm and I encourage you to cum with me. I feel your cum filling me up and I’m in shock at how full my pussy is. I’ve never felt so much cum inside me before and it’s because your balls were extra full since you lasted so long. I compose myself and tell you that I’ve never been so satisfied and exhausted after sex and it’s all thanks to your newfound stamina… enjoy me, xo STAMINA TRAINING/GFE/SWEET AND LOVING/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX/DILDO FUCKING/ENCOURAGING/SENSUAL DOMINATION

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