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Oh honey, it’s so nice to see you. Mommy has really missed you while you were away at college. Did you miss me too? I have picked up a naughty habit while you were away. I know your boring dad wouldn’t get it or even approve of it. You on the other hand are young and open minded. You won’t mind if I smoke this hookah a little will you? I will only take a few puffs and then if you want to lay back I will wrap my warm MILF mouth around your cock and mouth fuck you. I love to take your cock deep into my mouth and see the look in your eyes while mommy gives you some long overdue attention. Remember mommy has so much more experience than those younger girls at college. I will spread my pussy lips and ram your cock deep in me afterI finish sucking your cock too. I ride and bounce on it until you fill me up with an oozing cream pie. I’m so glad you’re home honey.

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