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The name “GREYSON” is used throughout this clip: The diagnosis has been given and you only have a few weeks to a few months to live. I am teary eyed and lamenting about all the things you wont be able to grow up and experience like graduating, getting a job, going to college, finding a girl… You then tell me you have never had a girlfriend. I ask if you have even kissed a girl and you say no. This makes me so sad. I’m caught off guard when you ask if I could kiss you since I’m a girl. I’m very hesitant and reluctant but agree to and lean in for a kiss. After the kiss you ask if I can kiss you again with toungue which I very reluctantly agree to as well. While kissing, you touch my breast which makes me reel back and I’m shocked when you ask if you can feel my boobs. I unbutton my shirt and lean my boobs over you. You then ask for me to take the bra off so you can see them. Every request is making me more uncomfortable and squeemish until finally you ask if I can help you with your virginity. I take a bit to think about it until agreeing because I feel so terrible that if I dont, you will leave this world without experiencing a woman. I look around paranoid before slipping my pants and underwear down and crawling on top of you. I tell you that we can’t get caught, nurses could come in any second. I mutter to myself “i wish i could go grab a condom. I’m not on birth control” but there is no time to find one. I straddle you and reach down and feel how hard you are “oh my god you are all ready to go arent you? Are you ready greyson? Here we go.” I lower myself onto you. I whisper sweet things to you, including a lot of i love you’s as i ride you. My pace quickens and I tell you to hold onto my ass as I ride you. You do but then you slip a finger into my ass and that startles me. I tell you that it hurts but you push it in deeper. I muffle my pain and you insert another finger inside my ass. I’m still fucking you and in pain but this sets you over the edge and you cum inside me. I’m surprsed and shocked but ultimately I’m just happy that you felt good and that you are no longer a virgin. I ask you to take your fingers out of my ass so that I can climb off your dick and you tell me to call it “ the big dick that just came in you”. I do as I’m told and get up only to see and feel all of your cum dripping out of me. I’m a bit grossed out and tell you that I must run off to get cleaned up before someone finds out what I’ve done… enjoy me, xo TABOO/STEP-MOMMY ROLE PLAY/EMOTIONAL/CRYING/GENTLE/SUBMISSIVE/POV SEX/BIG TITS/SENSUAL/NO MAKEUP/BUTTON DOWN SHIRT/SATIN BRA

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