Lyra Lockhart – Giving his Awkward Home-Schooled Step-Sister Confidence HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Nathan knows his step-sister has always had a crush on him, and it just fits how awkward she is. She is a really pretty girl but she never really tries to show it. She is 18 and going to be taking classes with college so he wants her to be more confident. Especially since he scene her masturbating and knows she is possibly the horniest girl he has ever scene. She jerked him off once before but college guys don’t want hand jobs so he comes in to teach her how to give good head

Now that Lyra is confident on how good she can suck a dick Nathan wants to give her more confidence about he body and show her sex can be better than “and awkward 30 seconds” They are out by the pool and she shows him the bikini she has on, HOLYSHOOT her body is insane. Nathan lets her know how good she looks, breaking through her shyness and brings her to his room

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