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Man I’m just trying to make ends meat working three jobs to support my habits. Which mostly consists of watching lots and lots of porn. So there I was, working as a pizza delivery man delivering a pizza. I knock on the door of this nice house and this smoking college chick answers the door. I nicely hand her the pizza, which was a little wet. On account that it was raining and I was riding on my kick ass Scooter. Well she totally freaks out and decides to be a total bitch. She screams at me for the pizza being soggy, partially eaten, and an hour late. I go on to explain that it wasn’t my fault. She doesn’t care and she actually pushes me out the door with out giving me a tip. The nerve on her. She Fucking Stiffed me. Screw that, luckily my buddy gave me an app on my phone that can control minds. I pounded on the door until she opened it up. Then I shoved the phone in her face and made her look at the screen. Next thing I know she’s under my control. It was on like Donkey Kong. I fucked her six ways from Sunday and gave her the old Stiffy.I shot my load on her Pizza, then I made her eat it. After that I made her give me a 40% tip. I can’t wait to deliver the next order. LOL

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