Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Dressing Mom as Jessica Rabbit HD 1080p

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You are my son and you have a porn obsession with Jessica Rabbit! You also happen to have an !ncest kink because you’re always trying to get with your really hott mom. Well, when you find out about a block party costume contest, the opportunity to dress your mom up is VERY hard to resist. You do all the things a horny sun would do to let me know that you’re interested: checking me out, giving me compliments, loudly jerking off in the shower and not being shy about your “m o m m y dirty talk”…, you know, all the classics! I am only slightly privy to your advances, but very flattered and a little ashamed that they are absolutely turning me on! So much so that even m o mmy has to take some time for herself in the living room in the middle of the day! So when I discover that I’ve given you a boner with my hott costume that you planned for me unknowingly…. I decide that tonight, maybe Jessica Rabbit can help you out Wink

NOTE: This is a VERY hott, tension building video! I had to fuck myself a few times while making it I was so turned on!

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