Penny Barber – Covered In Mom Cum Before Your Date HD 1080p

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I am so excited to see what you picked out to play for Mommy-son game night. What do you mean you have a date? Why would you want to hang out with some girl on our special night? I think you need a reminder who you belong to and I bet that little slut friend of yours needs to get the message as well. Give me your shirt, Mr. Too-good-for-game-night-with-Mom.

You sit right there and watch as I take off all my clothes and use your shirt as cover for this pillow I’m going to rub off on. You think about what you did as you stare at my big soft tits while I soak your shirt in pussy juice. I want your date to smell it as soon as she walks in the door. Good luck getting the image of my naked body humping your t-shirt to multiple orgasms out of your head when all you will be able to smell on your entire date will be Mom cum.

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