Paige Steele, Dakota Marr – Daddy’s Double Schoolgirl Selfie Video HD 1080p

Hiya, daddy! I brought a friend home from school today! Her name is Paige Steele. I know you’re busy, so we decided to make a video to say “hi”! But, okay, well, we wanna do more in this video, too. See, Paige and I play together at school and it’s so much fun, so we wanna show you how well we play together! So…wanna watch us kiss? You know, Paige is the only person I’ve ever kissed with braces. Look at them! Aren’t her braces so cute?! Wanna watch us kiss some more? Maybe even take our shirts off? We’ll have to set the phone down to take off our panties, but we’ll stand over it so you can see our privates! Making a selfie video is hard work! Especially when we start scissoring and fingering each other!

Size: 397.29 MB
Duration: 00:10:18
Video: 1920×1080