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From: Maternal Seductions

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Scene One: Me and Aunt Cory

My mom is in the kitchen, taking photo’s of herself in her tight, white dress. I keep telling her to stop doing that, because she’s my mom and I think that’s weird! I interrupt her because I really want a pet and I decide that now is the perfect time to ask! My mom tells me to go talk to my aunt because she’s a scientist and maybe she can make me a robot pet. I walk in to the guest room and I see a weird remote in my aunt’s suitcase. I pull it out and start touching the buttons. All of a sudden, my aunt Cory stands up and says, “awaiting your command, master.” I’m not sure what’s going on, but I assume that it has something to do with this remote in my hands! “Aunt Cory, bark like a pet!” I tell her, and she starts barking. I rattle off a whole list of random commands, and my aunt follows every single one of them! I use the commands to grab my aunt’s tit, and that works too. I use the commands to take off my aunt’s dress and underwear! She is standing naked in front of me, and I get nervous that my mom is going to walk in and catch us! I give her a collar and tell her to put it around her neck. I get my aunt to pull my penis out from under my pants, and put it in her mouth. She starts to give me a blowjob. “Aunt Cory, do you like sucking your nephew’s cock?” I ask her. “Yes, master.” she replies. I tell my aunt to get her pussy wet for me, so I can stick my cock in her tight pussy. I fuck her pussy until I cum inside of her…

Scene Two: Mom and Aunt Cory

I just came inside of my aunt’s pussy, and my mom bursts through the doors! She starts to freak out and she asks me what is going on here! I take the remote and I decide to freeze my mom too. “Ready to please you, master” my mom recites. I command my aunt to strip my mom out of all her clothes. I hand my aunt another collar and I instruct her to put it around my mom’s neck too. I tell them to both bark like animals together, and they do as they are told. I command my mom to lie back on the couch… and for my aunt Cory to get on top of her and rub her belly and kiss her like a good girl! My aunt kisses my mom’s body up and down, and then I tell them to switch places. “Yes, master” they both reply in unison. “Mom, I want you to give Aunt Cory an orgasm. Aunt Cory, I want you to howl like a pet when you cum!” I tell them both. “As you command,” they both reply. I keep making them both act like animals, and aunt Cory rolls up in to a ball on the floor and goes to bed…

Scene Three: Me and Mom

“Mom, you’re not going to be a pet anymore! You’re going to be my horny mom sex pet!” I tell her, as I press the button on the magical remote control. She tells me to grab her tits, and she tells me how badly she wants to lick and suck my cock! She gets down on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth. “You wanna stick it in mommy’s pussy?!” she asks me. I tell her to lie back on the floor, so I can tease her pussy with my cock first. I slowly slide my cock in her pussy… “Fuck mommy the way your daddy never did!” she moans. “Is mommy being a good slut for you?” she asks, as she jumps on top of my cock. She rides my cock up and down and I love watching her pussy swallow my cock whole. We move over to the couch next and I fuck her in the missionary position there. My mom tells me to grab her tits while I fuck her. She flips over in to the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. “Are you ready for me to cum in your mouth?” I ask her, while I keep fucking her from behind. I take my cock out and jerk it off on her face and in her mouth.

Scene Four: Me, Mom and Aunt Cory

My mom and my aunt are both wearing lacey, red body suits with a collar around their neck. I tell them to beg me for my cock, and they do what they are told! “We want to please you, master! We want to make you cum, master!” they both beg me. I tell them to stop being pets and to start acting like horny MILF sluts! I command my mom to suck and kiss on my aunt’s big tits. “Aunt Cory, I want to see you go down on my mom!” I tell her. My aunt shoves her face in my mom’s pussy and starts to lick and suck her clit. I walk behind my aunt and shove my cock inside my aunt’s pussy while she is still licking my mom’s pussy. Then Aunt Cory sucks my cock, to taste her own pussy juice. I take my cock and slide it in my mom’s pussy next. After I fuck my mom, I go back to fucking my aunt as my mom kisses my aunt’s neck. My mom shoves her tits in my aunt’s face while I keep fucking my aunt. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out and explode in my aunt’s mouth. She starts to make out with my mom afterwards, and the two of them share my cum…

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