Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet – White Collar Crime

From: That Kinky Girl

District Attorney Comet is quite upset at having to have a meeting with man that she’s about to prosecute for a litany of financial crimes but her superiors have insisted on it while also pressuring her to settle instead of going to trial. But Dixie has never been one to back down and she curtly tells the man that she will be taking his case to trial, regardless of whatever sway or even possible ‘blackmail material’ he must have with those in power. He smugly asks her if she thinks she can bring him down that easily and snaps his fingers. When he snaps she feels as though she were just hit by a great . It knocks her back in her chair and empties her head. She sits up in stunned confusion not knowing what just hit her as he runs over to check on her saying there must have been a sonic boom or something. He feels her forehead and says she feels hot. He tells her she should loosen her clothing as she looks at him confused and wondering why he is saying this to her. He snaps again, knocking her back into her chair again stunned. This time he simply tells her to take off her clothes as he goes back to sit down on the sofa and enjoy the show. It seems this white collar criminal has a trick up his sleeve that has helped him get where he is today and Dixie is learning first hand the power of it as he has made her into a mindless sex toy for himself, following his every command blindly. After she’s stripped out of her clothes he has her grind on his lap as he fingers her pussy. She tries to fight back from the trance but he snaps her back into it and her mind is gone. He has her pull out his cock and suck it for him as he tells her how her whole world is now just his cock and making it happy for him. He makes her climb on top of him and slide it into her pussy, riding his dick for him until he’s ready to cum. He makes her get on her knees and cums all over her face and into her mouth. To complete the purpose of his meeting he takes her phone and takes a picture of her with his cock in her mouth and her face covered in jizz and sends it off to himself before putting her phone in her hand. After dressing himself he empties her mind of all the confusion he’s put in it as her head drops. After he’s left Dixie suddenly wakes up, not knowing what has just happened. As she regains her surroundings she realizes to her shock and disgusted humiliation that she is naked and covered in cum. As she tries to decipher what has happened, she looks at her phone and sees the picture that he’s left for her and suddenly to her horror realizes how her prey has gotten away with so many crimes.

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