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I was on my way downstairs to head out for work at the burger joint when i heard my stepmom Misty calling for me. i found her in the kitchen, we made some small talk and then she wanted to confirm that i was still going to work. i said i was and asked why she wanted to know. she told me dad was going home for lunch that day. i was confused and said so to her. she explained that they had been in a dry spot and he was coming home for a afternoon quickie. i acted grossed out but honestly i didn’t blame my dad, my stepmom Misty was a mega hottie! when i got to work it was super slow and i was cut early. when i got home i found a letter on the counter saying “meet me in the dungeon I want you to take control” i didn’t know what she was talking about but my dad had called me and told me to tell her he wouldn’t be home for lunch. i went into my parents bedroom to find misty and i noticed the master bedroom closet had a book shelf and was hanging open. it was a door!! i never knew that it was a hidden door and so i walked towards it and through it. I found my stepmom Misty kneeling on the floor in a teddy with a blind fold on and she was sitting on some sort of vibrator, I think they call it a sybian. I didn’t know what to do or say but Misty started talking. she told me she was horny and had been waiting for me. i realized she thought i was my dad and wanted to tell her but she looked so good and i was so horny. she handed me a controller that was connected to the vibrator she was straddling. i turn it on and let it run for a couple of minutes and after Misty had cum a few times and doing my best impression of my dad i told her it was my turn. she eagerly agreed and told me to lay down. i did as she asked and she started jerking me off. right as i was about to cum i told her and she said she wanted to see and took the blindfold off. the look on her face was pure horror as she realized she was jerking off her stepson and he was cumming all over her hand! i tried to explain but she told me to get out and to keep my mouth shut about what happened. i cant wait to play in the dungeon with her again! This is part 1 of Playing In Stepmoms Secret Dungeon, this series stars Misty Meaner.

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