Misty Meaner

Misty Meaner – Day After Thanksgiving Revenge threesome HD 1080p

On Thanksgiving Misty was out of town while her husband Miles met up with his brother Adam and brothers wife Ally. Ally and Miles have history and Misty has a feeling they probably snuck around and did something naughty while she was gone. When she gets home, Adam pulls her aside and tells her that all three of them actually had sex…they double penetrated Ally and came inside her. Misty is immediately jealous that she missed out on the action and gets on top of Adam. Telling him she deserves to have some fun too. Miles is out at the store and she wants to know what she missed out on. They call Ally in and the three of them undress eachother and have a sloppy threesome ending in a big creampie cum swap. Miles comes home right as they finish and Misty runs to go greet him leaking cum and naked.

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Misty Meaner – Valentines Day with my Step Mom

You’re playing video games when you step mom Misty comes home from her Valentines Day date with your dad, they have been trying to work things out since the divorce with no luck. She looks tired and disappointed so you ask her how it went but she doesnt want to talk about it. She takes off her shoes and tells you to go to bed. After she retires to her room, you make her an adorable card. This will certainly brighten her Valentines day! You go into her room to give it to her and find her naked with some wierd buzzy thing. She hides it and looks shocked, takes your card and says thank you. You cant help but notice her round tits and pussy and instantly you get hard through your pants. She looks down and sees your thick cock and tells you you might be able to help her feel better after all and invites you on the bed…

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Misty Meaner – Daughter Needs Homework Help HD 720p

Your daughter Misty calls you into her room to help her with her homework. Little do you know, its her SEX ED homework. She is coloring a picture that is very inappropriate so you ask her where she got that and what she needs help with…maybe she should wait and talk to her mother when she gets home. Misty tells you she has a big test tomorrow morning and she she needs help memorizing all the terms to label a diagram. The school gave her this cartoon book but the test will be with real pictures! You nervously start going over some terms but Misty still doesnt get it. She looks sad and then her face changes as she realizes that you are boy! and you have a penis! She reaches out eagerly to try to grab your pants but you jump back, she gets on the floor in front of you and before you know it your pants are off and your cock is in her hands. She stares and it starts to play with it asking lots of questions. You can’t stop yourself from getting hard as she touches your dick. She asks why its getting hard and you explain thats how sex has to happen…Misty is a hands on learner and needs to know everything. What kind of parent would you be if you didnt show her….

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Misty Meaner – Stepmom’s Anal Secret HD 720p

While searching for something, you come across your step mom’s butt plug. Will you confront her about it or try to keep her secret? The entire story is up to you and your decision making skills. Your step mom, Misty Meaner is a hot MILF with a nice rack and a big ass to go with it. After finding her butt plug will you try and make a move on her? Or would you let the opportunity pass you by? It’s all left up to you and your decision making skills. Good luck.

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Misty Meaner – All In The Family CHRISTMAS Special FULL HD 720p

This is the full series of videos from All In The Family Christmas Special parts 1-3

Part 1
You sit down to chat with your big sis and step mom and dad on Christmas Eve- they ask you how school is and if youre getting along with everyone, hows football, all that good stuff. Of course, its not long before sis hops up and gets down on her knees in front of you to suck your cock while dad continues chatting with you. You cum in her mouth with encouragement from you new parents and then they tell you to get some rest for the big day tomorrow!

Part 2
Christmas is all about the fam! You get to be in on all their holiday traditions, like building a gingerbread house with your step mom and dad while you fuck your big sis!

Part 3
Its Christmas morning and you and your new family are celebrating with old traditions. Step mom and dad are dressed up in their Santa and Mrs. Claus outfits and Misty is in her cute holiday PJs. Since mom and dad are already going at it before presents are opened, you get to bend over your big sis and fuck her pussy while she eats out Mrs. Claus. Once they join you on the floor your step mom shows you what she got you for christmas, her pussy! You put your big cock in her while sis gets fucked by daddy. Its a holly jolly christmas!

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Misty Meaner – Sharing a Bed with my Hot Step mom HD 720p

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We just drove across the country to go to meet up with the family and celebrate my birthday at the theme parks. When we get there my mom shows me to the room at my aunts house and tells me we have to share a bed for the night. The whole family is here and all the rooms are full. I try to get out of it and go hangout with my cousins but she says no and that we need to get some rest for the big day tomorrow. She comes to bed after a shower and we say goodnight side by side, when my dick starts to get hard she immediately feels it on her ass. How embarrasing. I can’t help it, this happens every night at this age! My mom tells me to make it go away but I can’t. She tells me to press it up against her and stay still and it will go down. I try that but it still just gets harder! She is getting fed up now and takes my erection and puts it inside her panties and tells me NOT TO MOVE. I can’t help it and I start grinding it against her ass in her panties. When she tells me to just put it in a little, her pussy is so tight it almost doesnt fit! She seems to not be able to resist pressing back into me and soon enough im all the way inside of my moms pussy. She loves the way it feels and tells me to be a good boy and make mommy feel good. I cum all over her ass and back and then we finally get some rest
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Sexy Vanessa, Misty Meaner – Fucking my boyfriend and his mom 4K

MILF Taboo Threesome

Fucking my BF and his mom! (Part 3 of Sexy Vanessa series) ft Sergeant Miles I can’t believe I just had sex with my boyfriends hot MILF mom….I stumble downstairs after our encounter to find her WITH MY BOYFRIEND….most defintely not doing anything innocent!! I can tell they just had a quickie in the kitchen while I got dressed. His mom is a total slut…..but so am I. I can’t miss out on the fun so when they invite me in, I join them!
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Crystal Clark, Misty Meaner – Fucking 2 Of My Friends Hot Moms HD 1080p

Threesome MILF POV

When school was almost out for the day me and s couple of my friends wanted to do a all night video game party and one of there houses. a couple of hours later i pulled up to my buddies house and just let myself in, since this place was like a second home it was no big deal. I found 2 of my friends hot moms Cyrstal and Misty sipping some somthing in the kitchen, we made some small talked and of course since I had crushes on both of them I tried flirting but after a few minutes I headed downstairs the place some xbox. a couple of hours later we heard the moms yelling for us so I went up to see what they wanted. they said we were being a bit loud and wanted us to keep it down, I could tell they both had been enjoy there sipping a bit to much but I said I was sorry and we would keep it down. A couple of hours later i was nominated to go find the moms to get pizza money, I was kind of pissed at my friends for not letting me play on the xbox as much as they were so I was happy to go find there moms. I look all around and eventually found them relaxing on a couch in the master bedroom. we chatted for a minute and I teased then about the sipping they still had but eventually they asked what I wanted and I said pizza money. Misty had always been the most flirty of the two and she quickly whipped out cash and asked what I was going to do for it. i joked with them too and asked if the were looking for male revue, the both laughed at that. misty smiled and said i should show them what i got and without missing a beat i dropped my short and underwear and let my rock hard dick flop out. they were both shocked but misty couldn’t take her eyes of my dick. they told me to sitting down on the couch, crystal was acting upset but misty kept checking it out and smiling at me. crystal started to tell me to get dressed but i told them they could touch it if they wanted and misty leaned in for a nice hard squeeze and i could tell right away she liked it! she eventually got crystal to start playing with it too. after a little while i told them that it was fair that i was naked and they weren’t! pretty soon after i had my 2 bestfriends moms naked and playing with my dick. we did end up ordering pizza but while my friends were down stairs play video games i was upstairs fucking there moms!
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