Meana Wolf – None For You HD 1080p

You’ve been obsessing over me ever since your dorm mate and I started dating. You love listening to all the details he tells you about my perfect body and how much I love to fuck. It drives you insane that I shower him with attention but barely now you exist. You’ve jerked off at least a thousand times since then and it’s getting worse and worse. Today when you opened the door to the bedroom your heart sank to the floor as you saw my half naked body lying on top of him in his bed. Kissing and touching each other, we didn’t even realize you were there. You were stunned…you didn’t know what to do. You couldn’t take your eyes off of me. You wanted me so badly…you’d imagined me so many times lying on top of you like that…moaning…breathing heavy. Then I saw you and started to laugh. “Sorry we didn’t even see you come in…do you mind if we fuck in here? You can watch if you like heheh”. Shamefully you looked down to see that you’d been standing there with a giant hard on. Embarrassed, you sat down on the bed and undid your pants. Your cock flung out like a jack in the box…you had never been so turned on than watching me get fucked. I looked you right in the eye and told you to stroke your cock. “You might as well watch and enjoy what you will never ever have. I know how obsessed you are with me…I know how bad you wanna fuck me. Admit it loser. hahaha”. You had never been so humiliated in all your life. And it made you cum harder than ever.

Clip Contains: You watch your room mate’s cock slide in and out of my pussy while I laugh and taunt and humiliate you for wanting me so badly.

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