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The next evening the CEO and his exec assistant come back to the hotel room after attending a conference. The CEO convinces his assistant that he has filmed her shower and that he will send the video to her husband. The assistant pleads with him to give her the video so that her husband does not find out about what happened. The CEO asks her to take her clothes off as payment for the video.The exec assistant is again dressed in conservative business apparel. She does not want to get naked but the CEO imposes her to strip and tells her to keep wearing her high heels. Reluctantly and slowly she complies, always trying to cover herself in the process. He then imposes her to walk through the room in the nude wearing just her high heel pumps.The CEO then asks his assistant to kneel in front of him and to give him a bj. Initially she tries to resist but eventually gets into it. lots of hair pulling, gagging, light slapping of the face, deep throating, etc. ending with a facial!

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