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Let’s Play Just The Tip

My step-daughter just came home from college, but I wasn’t expecting her home so soon! She is sitting on the couch and she tells me how bored she is at home! “Read a book,” I suggest. “No, step-dad! I want to play a game with you!” she exclaims. I ask her what type of game this is, and she tells me that the game is called “Just The Tip.” I have never heard of this game before, but she starts to explain the rules to me. “You have to stick just the tip inside of me, and if you can only keep the tip in but not the rest of it, then you win! But if you stick the whole thing in, then you lose!” she tells me. “Wait… the tip of WHAT?!” I cry out. She points to what she is talking about and then she pulls her shorts off, so her pussy is fully exposed. I stick the tip of my cock inside of her but it only takes a minute before I stick the rest of my cock inside of her. “You lost already!” she giggles. “Yes, I lost! Damn it,” I exclaim. I keep fucking her with my entire cock, because I can’t help it! “Your cock feels so good! Aren’t you happy that I’m home from school?!” she asks me. “I do like this game!” I tell her. She lifts her shirt up so I can grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. I accidentally cum in her, because her pussy is so tight! “Don’t tell your step-mother!” I tell her, as I run to take a shower…

I Want Boobs Like Step-Mom

I walk in to the kitchen to find my step-daughter looking on a plastic surgery website. “I want big fake tits like step-mom has!” she cries. “You were born with the perfect set of boobs! You don’t need them! Maybe when you get to be your step-mom’s age, then you can get them,” I tell her. She unties her shirt, exposing her natural, perky tits to me. “Look at them! They’re not big enough!” she exclaims. “No, they are perfect. You really don’t need fake tits,” I remind her. I keep touching her tits and my cock starts to get hard in my pants. I pull my cock out and she gets down on her knees and she rubs her nipple on the tip of my cock. I tell her how much I liked the “Just The Tip” game we played yesterday. “Let’s play again! You can watch me lose again!” I tell her. She spreads her legs in the kitchen chair and I shove the tip of my cock inside of her again. Moments later, I shove my entire cock inside of her pussy. “You lose so easily… but you’re so good at fucking me!” she giggles. She turns over in to the doggy style position in the chair, so I can fuck her pussy from behind now. “I’m so wet!” she exclaims. I accidentally cum inside of her again, and she nervously jumps up! “You need to stop cumming inside of me, step-daddy!!” she scolds me. “I can’t help it! I haven’t fucked a pussy as tight as yours in so long!” I tell her.

Is This Bikini Too Small

My step-daughter walks in to my office wearing a tiny orange, thong bikini. “Do you like this bikini? I’m wearing this to the beach today!” she tells me. “It’s raining out!” I tell her. “Well, hopefully it stops raining by the time I get to the beach!” she tells me. “It’s supposed to rain all day. You should probably just stay home and hang out with me instead,” I tell her. She unties her bikini, and she shows me her tan lines. I reach out and grab my step-daughter’s nice, natural tits. “Let me see the tan lines that you have down there,” I insist. She pulls her bikini bottoms down and she shows me all of her tan lines. She bends over in front of me and she shakes her ass all over my cock. My cock is so hard now and she tells me that she’s starting to get wet from me touching her. I finally take my cock and shove it inside of her pussy, while she’s in the doggy style position leaning against my desk. I tell her to sit on the edge of my couch in the corner of the room next. She does what I tell her to do and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position on the edge of the couch. I want to fuck her in the doggy style position again, so she moves in to that position by leaning over my couch. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get down on her knees and open her mouth wide. I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face! “Good job,” she tells me, before she swallows my cum!

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