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Testing a New Toy

London is sitting on the couch watching some T.V in a dark red dress when her step-sister Cory walks in to the room. Cory is holding a new toy in her hand. “It’s a body massager and I thought I’d use it on you!” she says to London. London is a bit hesitant at first, but Cory eventually convinces her to try it. First, she holds the vibrator over both of their nipples; Their nipples start to get hard from the vibration! Then Cory rubs the vibrator on top of London’s panties and London starts to get wet through her panties. Cory insists that London slide her panties off so it can feel even better for her, and she does what she is asked to do. London starts moaning, and that’s exactly when Cory decides to stop the vibrator! “If you want to use my toy then you have to play with me!” Cory tells her step-sister, as the two of them begin to make out with each other. “I wonder if I tickled your nipples with the vibrator, could I make you cum?” Cory asks her. The girls put the vibrator in between both of their nipples and they start to moan with pleasure. London then takes the vibrator and holds it over Cory’s clit now and her pussy starts to get super wet. “I’m going to make my step-sister cum!” London exclaims. Cory starts cumming and then London licks her pussy juice off of the vibrator when she is done cumming! Then it is London’s turn to cum next…


Cory puts the vibrator back on London’s wet pussy and it doesn’t take her long to cum! She starts screaming “oh, fuck!” as Cory keeps rubbing the vibrator up and down London’s clit. “Let’s go give this in try in the shower… it’s supposed to be water proof!” Cory says.

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