Marceline Leigh – Mommy Gives You A Hand HD 1080p

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You and your mom have gone on a special vacation together, so that you could have mommy-son bonding time. The first night, the two of you share the hotel bed with one another. You get up before she does and watch your beautiful mommy as she slowly arises. Upon getting up she instantly gives you a good morning kiss, one that lingers on for a little while. When she pulls away she begins commenting on how well the vacation is going so far and how she rested so well last night from being wrapped up in your strong arms. Your mommy’s hands begins to roam your body as she compliments you on how strong you have gotten. She begins stroking your thighs, complimenting you on how strong they have gotten and how it felt so good for them to be intertwined within her own. Her hand then grazes your dick. Your thighs aren’t the only thing that’s hard. Your mommy assures you that there is nothing wrong at all with you being hard. It’s perfectly reasonable to have morning wood. But, she knows that’s not the only reason you’re hard. She felt how hard you were all night. As the two of you cuddled she could easily feel your erection pressed up against your body. Wetting her hand with her spit, your mommy begins sensually running her hand up and down your cock. In between talking lovingly and dirty to you she gives you long, deep kisses. Being treated this way by your mom is the best thing you have ever experienced. It’s like she knows exactly what to do and say to bring you the most exquisite pleasure you’ve ever experienced before. She continues stroking your achingly hard cock. This continues for some time until you can both tell that you are going to cum. Your dick throbs and twitches in your mommy’s hand, your balls tighten up with the huge load that is about to explode from your cock and your mother encourages you to cum all over her hand. And of course, you just want to make mommy proud, so you do exactly as she says.

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