Marceline Leigh

Marceline Leigh – Sister’s Ultimate Seduction *FULL NUDE HD 1080p

**full video is uncensored full nude with butt plug**

There’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about, bro. Something that has been on my mind for a very long time. It’s to the point where I’m dreaming about it, I’m obsessing over it. I’m sure you’re wondering what exactly it is? What is it that I keep thinking about, what I want so bad? It’s you. I want you. My big brother. I want your lips against mine and to kiss all over my body. I want your hands caressing me. And most of all, I want your cock inside of me. I want you to stretch out and fill up my tight little pussy. And from how hard you’re getting, it looks like you want me just as bad. What? You don’t think it would be right? Who cares what anyone else thinks and if other people say it’s wrong. We both want each other, so why shouldn’t we do what we want? And if you need some more persuading, why don’t I show off a bit of my body. Whoops, looks like I forgot my panties. But there’s something I didn’t forget. My butt plug! I put it in so that way you can fuck any hole of mine you want. All of my body is yours for the taking. My mouth, my pussy, my asshole. Every inch of your sister’s body is yours. And we both know how bad you want to take it all. You’re still worried!? You have nothing to worry about. I’ll be discreet. No one would have to know. I just need you, bro. I need my big brother’s cock in me so fucking bad. How about I just touch you a bit. That feels good, doesn’t it?

My mouth will feel even better. And that’ll be okay, right? Just having your sister’s mouth wrapped around your cock? So… bring that amazing cock to me….

That feels great for you, having my mouth go up and down on you. But you know that my tight, hot pussy will feel even better. Or my asshole. Whichever you want. But, I won’t lie, I want you balls deep inside my pussy. I’ll even let you cum in me. You can fill your sister’s pussy up with your hot, creamy load. You want that? Yes, you do. Now come here, fuck your sister.

It was so much fun teasing you and seducing you, but it feels fucking amazing having you inside of me and having you fuck me while my asshole is still plugged up. Isn’t your sister’s pussy the tightest, prettiest pussy you’ve ever seen? And now, I want us to cum together. I want my pussy to milk all the cum from your balls.

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Marceline Leigh – Your Sister Likes Big Dick – Taboo BJ HD 1080p

Bro! What are you doing in here?! I’m trying to make a bubble bath in peace, omg. I don’t care if you have to go to the bathroom, just go outside or something. Ugh, fine. You can come in and go to the bathroom. Just be quick. I’m trying to relax, after all. …Omg. I didn’t know that you were so big, bro. Hey! You can’t blame me for looking! I mean, your dick is just right there. What am I supposed to do? Not look? Besides, I’m your sister, so it’s okay if I look. Here, look at me. Now we’re even. Although, I do wonder what your dick would look like completely hard. Are you a shower AND a grower? We are home alone… maybe I can do something to get you hard so I can see what it looks like. Don’t look at me like that! I know I’m your sister and you’re my brother, but it will just be a blowjob. Okay? It’s not like it’s actual sex, so it’s totally fine. Hehehe, well look at you. Just hearing me talk about sucking your dick has gotten you hard. You’ve probably never thought about your sister like this, but one of my favorite things to do is suck big, thick cock. Just like yours. I’m going to love sucking your dick. And when you cum, I want you to spray your load all over my pretty face.

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Marceline Leigh – Fucking At The Family Reunion HD 1080p

During your yearly family reunion, you and your sister sneak away from the family to have some alone time. The reunions are usually boring every year, but this one was by far the worst. Your sister agrees with you. She also agrees with you that being able to see one another is the only good thing about these reunions. You sister starts telling you how much she has missed you, and how much more handsome you have gotten since the last time you two were able to spend time together. Brothers and sisters really shouldn’t spend so much time apart. And now it is time for the two of you to have a very special reunion of your own. You start off by fucking your sister doggy style. She backs her ass up onto your cock and bounces it up and down. You both know you need to be quiet, because for all you know your family members are probably wondering where the two of you are and are perhaps looking for the two of you, but your sister keeps moaning all the same. She then gets you on your back where she begins riding your cock. Her small tits bouncing up and down while she continues grinding and going up and down on you. Her pussy is so tight, so wet, you almost forgot just how good it feels to fuck your own sister. She feels the same way, kissing you with a happy, yet absolutely pleasure filled look on her face. As the two of you get closer to cumming, you get her to lay down on her back where you pound in to her. At this point, neither of you care if your family members find out what the two of you are up to. You almost hope they would catch you. The thought of it, the thrill of almost getting caught, the pleasure of fucking each other, knowing just how wrong it is, sends you both over the edge and you are cumming along with your sister, cumming deep into her as she clenches around you.

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Marceline Leigh – Impregnating Your Three Sisters HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Impregnation Fantasy, Virtual Sex, POV

All three of your sisters want to get pregnant. And you are the only one they want to impregnate them!

Marci, The Middle Sister – It all begins with Marci. Your quiet, usually self reliant sister. You walk into the room one day and see her looking downcast. After pressing her for details she finally gives in and tells you that she is sad because she wants to get pregnant. It’s always been her dream to feel life growing within her and to start a family of her own. However, she has never met a man she has deemed worthy of impregnating her. No man has been good enough. You then offer to be the one to impregnate her. She looks surprised, but excited. That’s when she admits that she has always had a crush on you. And yes, of course she wants you to be the one who fills impregnates her! She wants you to fill her with your hot, creamy seed. You position yourself in front of her open legs at the edge of the bed, then you begin to thrust into her, feeling your sister’s tight, wet pussy wrapped around your bare cock. She tries to stifle her moans so that your other sisters don’t hear, but with your huge cock pounding into her, it’s hard for her to remain totally silent. Seeing her in so much pleasure, hearing her dirty talk for the first time ever, watching her naked body move along with your thrusting, it’s better than you ever thought. Having sex with your sister is amazing! And then, the two of you are cumming together. Your cum erupting into her waiting pussy, impregnating her.

Mia, The Older Sister – Mia, your older, dominant sister, doesn’t beat around the bush. As soon as you walk into the room she is telling you how she heard you and Marci when the two of you were making love. And although hearing it, knowing her siblings were committing such a taboo act just mere feet away, turned her on, it also made her jealous. She has always thought you were sexy. She has always wanted you. And when she heard Marci talk about how you were trying to get her pregnant, that made her even more jealous. If anyone deserves your seed, it’s Mia. And now, she is going to get it. And you want to give it to her. You want to impregnate her as well. She has you lay down on the bed and gets on top of you. After teasing you and your already aching hard cock, she lowers her dripping wet pussy onto your cock. You’ve wanted this so bad, and she knows it. She’s known for awhile just how much you desired her, she just wasn’t sure if you were willing to cross that line. But now, the line has been crossed. And damn, does it feel amazing. She moves her pussy up and down on your dick, riding it better than it has ever been ridden before. She is going to milk every single last drop of cum out of your balls with her pussy, to the point where her pussy won’t be able to hold anymore, ensuring that she gets pregnant with your offspring.

Maddie, The Younger Sister – Your sweet and bubbly little sister, Maddie, knows about everything that has happened between you and her other sisters. But, she’s not jealous, unlike the other two girls are. In fact, she is happy that all of this has happened. And now, she wants to be included. She wants you to impregnate her so that she can be pregnant along with her other two sisters. She’s always looked up to her big brother. You are the most important man in her life. It only makes sense that you would be the one to get her pregnant! She asks you what position you want her in. How do you want to make love to her? You get her to lay down on her back and then you get on top of her. In this position, you enter her, going in deep and slow, making long thrusts in and out of her tight pussy. Your little sister is happier than you have ever seen her before. Not only does she get to have her brother make love to her, but she also gets to start a big family with him and her sisters! You keep on thrusting into her, eventually going faster before she starts begging for your cum. She wants it. She needs it deep inside of her, filling her up, and you’re going to give her just that.
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Marceline Leigh – Yandere Sister Is The Only One For You HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, Redhead, POV, Virtual Sex, Home Wrecker, All Natural

Yay! You’re finally awake, bro! Don’t try to struggle. I made sure to buy the best, most durable rope. There’s no way you’re getting out of it. And don’t try speaking either, silly! I can’t tell what you’re trying to say with all that tape on your mouth. I know you’re probably wondering why your little sister has you all tied up like this. Well, I wanted to make sure this moment went exactly as planned. It’s not because I don’t trust you. I know that you always love listening to me and being around me. After all, I am your little sister! But first, did you notice the dress that I am wearing? It’s the same one you told me looked so great on me that night we went out with our friends and that… stupid fucking bitch…. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of me! And what about this gorgeous ring. MY gorgeous ring. It goes perfectly with the dress. You see, this ring is actually the reason why this moment is happening right now. I tried being a good little sister. I tried giving you the freedom to run about with those tramps even though it drove me crazy seeing it. Even though we are meant to be together, I wanted you to have a basis of comparison. To realize that no one else would ever compare to how amazing your sister is. And then, that whore came along. And you got her a ring. A FUCKING RING. That stupid, ugly cow! Well, I’m not too proud to admit when I’m wrong, and I was certainly wrong to allow you to be with other women. So, I took care of that skank and got what is mine. This ring. And now, I’m about to get what else is mine. You. It’s time for us to finally consummate our relationship. To become one. Brother and sister. But don’t think I’m going to be untying you. No, you’re staying just the way you are. I actually think it’s sexy seeing my big bro all tied up like that. I’m going to straddle you and ride you while you remain tied up like that. And I can see you’re loving this just as much as I am. Look how hard you are. You can’t wait to be balls deep in your sister’s tight, wet pussy. It’s time to give us what we both want. And if you’re good, maybe I’ll untie you from the chair and let you lay down on the bed so I can continue riding you like that until we both cum. Remember, dear big brother, I’m the only one for you. This pussy is the only one you will ever get to experience from here on out. No other woman will ever come into your life again, and if anyone even so much as looks at you, well…. I’ll just have to deal with that just like I dealt with that last bitch.
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Marceline Leigh – Mommy Gives You A Hand HD 1080p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, Brunette, POV, Virtual Handjob, Dirty Talking, Mommy Roleplay

You and your mom have gone on a special vacation together, so that you could have mommy-son bonding time. The first night, the two of you share the hotel bed with one another. You get up before she does and watch your beautiful mommy as she slowly arises. Upon getting up she instantly gives you a good morning kiss, one that lingers on for a little while. When she pulls away she begins commenting on how well the vacation is going so far and how she rested so well last night from being wrapped up in your strong arms. Your mommy’s hands begins to roam your body as she compliments you on how strong you have gotten. She begins stroking your thighs, complimenting you on how strong they have gotten and how it felt so good for them to be intertwined within her own. Her hand then grazes your dick. Your thighs aren’t the only thing that’s hard. Your mommy assures you that there is nothing wrong at all with you being hard. It’s perfectly reasonable to have morning wood. But, she knows that’s not the only reason you’re hard. She felt how hard you were all night. As the two of you cuddled she could easily feel your erection pressed up against your body. Wetting her hand with her spit, your mommy begins sensually running her hand up and down your cock. In between talking lovingly and dirty to you she gives you long, deep kisses. Being treated this way by your mom is the best thing you have ever experienced. It’s like she knows exactly what to do and say to bring you the most exquisite pleasure you’ve ever experienced before. She continues stroking your achingly hard cock. This continues for some time until you can both tell that you are going to cum. Your dick throbs and twitches in your mommy’s hand, your balls tighten up with the huge load that is about to explode from your cock and your mother encourages you to cum all over her hand. And of course, you just want to make mommy proud, so you do exactly as she says.
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Marceline Leigh – Bubble Bath With Mommy HD 720p

Mother / son Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, MILF, Family Fantasies, Mommy, Cougar, Mommas Boy, OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN, Role Play, Brunette, POV, Blowjob, Bathrub, Dirty Talking, Cumshot, Facial

Oh! I didn’t even hear you come in, sweetheart. As you can see, mommy is just relaxing in a nice, warm bubble bath. I’ve had such a long day and this is exactly what I need to unwind. You need to take a shower? Well, how about instead of taking a shower, you come jump into the tub with mommy. There’s enough room for the both of us and I promise that I will make it so that our bubble bath is much better than if you were to just take a shower. See, isn’t that nice? Being in this warm, relaxing tub right next to me? Oh, my precious boy, did you have a hard day, too? Well, don’t worry. Mommy is going to take good care of you. How about, I wash your body. I don’t have an extra wash cloth, so my hands will have to do. I’ll start off with your tense shoulders, lightly massaging them, then your neck, your chest and then I’ll work my way down to your stomach. But, now mommy needs to get clean, too. Watch me as I get my chest all soapy. You like the way that looks, don’t you? And look, now my nipples have gotten all hard and perky. Go ahead and touch them, my precious boy. And now, where did I leave off at with washing you? Ah, yes, right about… here. My my. Mommy’s big boy sure has a big hard on. I know it feels amazing the way my hand is running up and down it. I told you that this would be better than if you had just taken a shower. Mothers always know what’s best for their sons. Just like how I also know just how to touch you, and take care of you. No other woman would ever be able to make you feel the way I’m making you feel like right now with just my hand. And I have other ways of making you feel good. You know that. Well, I want to use one of those other ways. I want to take care of my boy with my mouth. I want my big boy’s huge cock in my mouth. So, stand up for mommy and put that dick in my face. It’s so big, I can hardly even fit my mouth around it! I’m so amazed at what a perfect dick you have. I’m also so amazed at how perfect of a man you’ve become. Just relax while mommy works her mouth all over your cock. As I suck it and lick it. And when you cum, I want you to finish all over my face. After all, I still have my makeup on and coating my face with one of your huge, warm loads is the perfect way to get all that makeup off, plus it feels amazing and does wonders for the skin! Whenever you’re ready, my darling, finish all over my face. Drench mommy’s face with your sweet cum.
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Marceline Leigh – Blackmailed Into Fucking Your Sister HD 1080p

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play, POV, Virtual Sex, Blackmail Fantasy, Small Tits, All Natural, Dirty talk

Hey, bro. You and I need to have a little chat. You remember how about a week and a half ago you had the house to yourself all night? Well, I had to come back home for a minute and I heard some rather interesting noises coming from your room. You know what I’m talking about. I heard you jerking off. What was even more interesting was when I heard you moan “mom”. Yes, that’s right, I heard you jerking off to either the thought of mom or maybe even to pictures of her. So, the following say I did some detective work and guess what I found? That’s right, all those candid pictures you secretly took of mom. There sure was a lot of them and that would have been more than enough proof that you have a nasty little mommy fetish, but I wanted even more proof. So, I took a page out of your book and went out and bought a nanny cam. Now, I undeniable proof that you jerk it to your own mother. And if you don’t give me exactly what I want I’ll use that evidence to totally destroy your life. Just imagine what would happen if I showed our family this. Mom would probably disown you and never talk to her pervert son ever again. I could even post it online and you’d be an absolute laughing stock, your reputation forever tarnished. I bet you’re wondering exactly what I want so that I don’t out you. Well, I want you to be my personal slave. Or, more accurately, my own personal sex slave. And no, I’m not fucking with you. I have to admit, that I got a little jealous that you’ve been jerking it to mom and not me, especially since we live together. And watching that video of you jerking it to her made me realize that you have the biggest cock I have ever seen. And last but not least, I think it would be pretty hot to fuck my big dick brother. Do you agree to my terms? If you don’t you can say goodbye to your reputation and to your family. Hahaha, I knew you’d see things my way. Now first, I want you to get down on your knees and eat me out. That’s right, you’re going to lick your sister’s pussy. And you better do a good job, because if you don’t pleasure me the way I want to be pleasured than I may have to let that video get leaked.. Mmmm, you’re much better at eating pussy than I ever expected, bro. Who would’ve thought I was living in the same house as a pussy eating pro like yourself. But, I don’t want to cum like this, I want to cum with your big dick inside of me…. Yes, fuck me nice and hard like you’ve been wanting to fuck mom all this time. My body, my pussy, is so much better than hers. I think after this instead of having a mommy fetish you’re going to have a sister fetish. Don’t you dare stop pounding into me with that huge dick. I want you to make me, your sister, cum hard. And I want you to creampie me. This is so fucking wrong, but it feels so amazing.
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