Lauryn Mae – Helping My Stepmom With Migraines

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This is the full and complete series called Helping My Stepmom With Her Migraines, this series stars Lauryn Mae. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Rub Massage CFNM Handjob Topless Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex Series.

Part 1
Lauryn Mae

Part 2
All day all i could think about was my stepmom Lauryn’s perfect ass and how hot it was to massage her. i got a text from my day saying he was still at work and Lauryn was home with a migraine and could i check on her when i get home from school. i told him i would and practically ran home when school got out. i found Lauryn in her room laying on the bed, we made a little small talk and she told me the migraine was really hurting. she told me the massage i gave her yesterday really helped and asked if i could rub her down again, i eagerly agreed! i rubbed her back for a while then i worked my way down to her perfect ass. i got the sense she was really enjoying it so i slowly worked my way down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants. when she did react or tell me to stop i kept rubbing and before long she was pushing back into my hand. once i felt like i had her nice and turned on i asked her if she wanted to flipped over so i could work on her front, she agreed and flipped over. i pretend to massage her front for a few minutes then worked my way down to the top of her pants. i didn’t want to give her a chance to say no so i quickly slipped my had under her waste band and my fingers found her dripping wet pussy. she started to tell me to stop but i quickly started finger banging her and her stop morphed into a moan! i kept that up for a few minutes until i felt my sexy ass stepmom cum in my had. when she was coming down from the orgasmic high her hand reached over the side of the bed and felt my hard on through my shorts. she had a lustful look in her eyes and said if i could keep a secret she would help me take care of that, i agreed! for the next few minutes my sexy stepmom jerked me off until i came for her then she told me to go do my homework while she worked on dinner! i cant wait till she gets her next Migraine! This is part 2 of Helping My Stepmom With Her Migraines, this series stars Lauryn Mae. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife CFNM Massage Reward Secret Handjob Scene.

Part 3
While on my way home from school i got the text from my dad saying he was going to be working late and he needed me to check on my stepmom. he said her migraines were bad today and she needed my help. when i got to the house i went straight to the master bedroom and found Lauryn resting on the bed. she told me my massages really helped and asked if i minded, i agreed but told her she probably wouldn’t be comfortable wearing jean shorts for the massage. she agreed and before i could say anything else she stood up, faced away from me and pulled her shorts down reveling that she was wearing a black thong that made her perfect ass pop! she laid back down on the bed and i got started on the massage, as i worked my way down to her back i could feel my dick getting hard. i massaged her ass for a while then slid my hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy through her panties. she was moaning for a while and when i felt i had her ready to do as i asked without thinking i about it i made my move. i told her to flip over onto her back , when she did i reached down and pulled her panties to the side and began tasting her pussy. once she came down from her orgasmic high she offered to return the favor and sucked my did then swallowed my load! i cant wait till she gets her next migraine. This is part 3 of Helping My Stepmom With Her Migraines, this series stars Lauryn Mae. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Massage Cheating Wife Topless Deepthroat Blowjob porn.

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