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I Actually had 2 Customs with Almost the Same Theme. This one is a little more hardcore and Less Intimate. Custom Video – My grown step-son was visiting us for a few days and I hadn’t seen him in a little more than a year! What a difference a year makes. He is such a handsome, hot, man now! and we had so much fun the three of us. Talking and getting a little tipsy!! My husband however had a lot more than both of us so he did not see our step-son flirting so heavily with me his own step-mom whenever he had the chance. I could tell that he want me when he “accidentally” leaned on me while I was washing dishes. I felt how hard and how big his bulge was and if he only knew how wet my panties were getting I don’t think we would have been able to control ourselves. So that is what went on prior to us turning in for the night. Me with my totally w as ted snoring husband that could certainly not take care of my sexual needs. I woke up to that hot hunk of sweet meat, MY step-son touching me in all the right places. I freaked at first because well STEP-DAD within feet of us!! Then I recalled every other time he was like this and I tried to wake or even move him. He was OUT. He snored the entire time I was cheating on him in his own bed! So I told my step-son to lay down right next to his step-dad and take his pants off and would make him feel things that his step-dad NEVER got to feel! OMG I cannot believe I was cheating on him RIGHT next to him with our STEP-SON. He was a man a hot man and I had to have him. I took him into my mouth first… Then the BEST part of cheating was that I actually leaning against him while I got fucked doggy style. I was a little scared that he would wake up because i was getting pounded SO hard! Then I rode him for a little bit because I had a feeling that by the time we got to reverse cowgirl it would all be over and I wanted to cum hard too. I think he really like watching his step-mom’s big ass in his face giggle while riding his cock. I fucking loved it and came so hard harder then ever with my husband. He came all over my fat ass. I told him that we would have to be sure to put step-dad to bed early every night so we could do more. I told him next time we would go into his room or better yet the basement so I could be as LOUD as I wanted to. BUT there definitely WAS something hot cheating right next to my snoring husband.

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